Outriders Wanted Poster Quest Locations Guide

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Outriders players looking to earn some high value loot should consider tackling the games Wanted quests which are small side quests that can be done once players have reached Trench Town in the story.

Wanted posters are scattered all across the game, but first, players must go to Trench Town and meet with an NPC to unlock all of the Wanted quests. Once you've done this, you can track them down, assuming of course you track down the wanted poster first.

To help you, we've compiled all the Wanted posters’ locations in Outriders. Without further ado, here’s the list, including how to get there.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Rift Town (The Perforator)

In Rift Town, players need to make their way to exit the Frontlines and the poster is on a wall outside. It contains “The Perforator” Wanted quest which will then be automatically activated once the poster is grabbed.

First City (Hanibal)

The Wanted poster in this location is on a wood pile near the Bridge explorer flag. It presents the Wanted quest called “Hanibal.”

Eagle Peaks (Hailstorm)

Players can get the Wanted poster in Eagle Peaks by unlocking the fast travel location by making use of the Outpost Bunkers cable car. It will allow players to take on the “Hailstorm” Wanted quest.

Deadrock Pass (Brickhead)

The Wanted poster in this area is placed on a tree which is just at the back of the fast travel location. It's next to the Mountain Tunnel Explorer Flag. The “Brickhead Wanted” quest will be available immediately.

Wreckage Zone (Bloody Baron)

Players may be able to get the Wanted poster in Wreckage Zone by going to the entrance of the Factory where the fast travel location is set. The “Bloody Baron” Wanted quest can now be done once the poster is in the player’s hands.

Quarry (Scalp King)

The Wanted poster in Quarry is near the location of an injured NPC located in the River Bed. You'll spot it hanging from the wooden structure near the Riverbed Explorer Flag. The Wanted quest “Scalp King” will be available upon collection.

Forest Enclave (The Hornet)

In Forest Enclave, the Wanted poster is on the opposite side of an area inside the Crystal Camp - near the tent. “The Hornet” wanted quest will then be live.

The Stronghold (Maneater)

The Wanted poster in The Stronghold can be found in Lumber Camp. Players just need to fast travel to the area’s Makeshift Crane, and the “Maneater” Wanted quest will be unlocked.

Ancient Ruins (Headmasher)


The Distorted Structure houses the Wanted poster in this area. It is placed on a pillar which can be seen by players once they spawn in. Interacting with the poster will make the “Headmasher” Wanted quest available.

The Gate (Blitzkrieg)

The “Blitzkrieg” Wanted quest poster is found up the stairs to the Gate’s camp. Players just need to turn left once they enter the area, and go to the right stairs once they reach the location.

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