Outriders Rift Town Chest Locations Guide

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Outriders has been making waves since its release in early April. The co-op RPG shooter by developers People Can Fly lets players explore the game's vast locations in either a solo, duo, or trio setup.

One aspect gamers worldwide can focus on grinding in the game is to locate chests that contain weapons and skill boosts that are rampant on almost every available location in Outriders.

The game's Rift Town is no exception to that. There's a total of 18 chests to be found to further increase and level up players custom character in terms of skills and weaponry. With that, here are the different chest locations in Outriders' Rift Town which can be tracked by players.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:


Table of Contents

Hound's Warehouse Chests

There are 3 chests available in this location. One can be notched behind the main gate right away, one is behind the gate but can only be accessed after utilizing the mechanism to open the main gate, and the last one is inside a wooden shack placed on the second door to the right.


Hound's Base Chests

In Hound's Base there are 2 chests for players to collect which are included in "A Bad Day" side quest. One is inside the barker's house and the other one is set underneath the large platform with yellow concrete pillars.

River Basin Chests

Players who are doing the mission "Everlasting Side Quest" can get one chest on the way and another one is placed at the top of the steps on a collapsed building.

Bunker Hill Chests

There are two chests present in this location as part of the "Payback" side quest. One is set in a dark enclosed space at the rear of the combat area. The other one can be found at the back of the wall.

Ruined Outpost Chests

The first chest in this location may be located near the ammo crate after going to the door as included in the "open the door" objective. The second chest on the other hand is placed in the guard tower going against the wall.


Solar Panels Chests

This is the location in Rift Town that houses the most number of chests, rounding up to 4 of them. One is in the flooded canyon at the base of the hill, one at the top of the hill in the corner, one in a small alcove, and one that can be grabbed by defeating the enemy Gauss in the "Reunion" main quest.

Shattered Front Chests

The "Terra Infirma" side quest will make players search for Lieutenant McCain, and players can secure 2 chests in this area. One is available right beside the ammo crate and one is on top of the platform before going to the targeted character.

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