Outriders Quarry: Where to Complete the Outrider’s Legacy Quest

Outriders features a main story that sees you tackling dangerous foes brought forth by the Anomaly. There’s also side quests to take o0n in addition to this, which you’ll want to take on to keep your character levelled. The Outrider’s Legacy quest tasks you with heading to the Quarry to find a secret hatch. Problem is, when you accept the quest you won’t know where the Quarry is. In this Outriders Quarry Location guide we’ll show you where the Quarry is and give you tips on completing the Outrider’s Legacy mission.

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Outriders Quarry Location

To find the Quarry as part of the Outrider’s Legacy quest you will need to advance the story in Trench Town. This means speaking to Jakob and completing all main missions in this area. You can then travel to the Quarry by using the Convoy truck. You will not be able to access the Quarry until you have finished the story missions in this area.

Completing the Outrider’s Legacy Quest

Once you’ve completed the objective in the Quarry for the Outrider’s Legacy Quest you will need to head to the Forest area. Much like the previous step this is a new area that can only be unlocked by continuing the story. This involves using the truck to travel. This new area will be familiar as it’s the first place where you got your Altered powers.

That’s how to get to the Quarry to complete the Outrider’s Legacy Quest. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on which class to pick. Once you’re done there, head on over to our guide on Healing while playing Outriders.

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