Outriders Pax City Journal Locations

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Outriders is packed with Collectibles and hidden items to pick up as you progress.

One such collectible that you'll need to be grabbing as you play is journals, which is tricky since there's just so many of them. Hopefully, that's where we can come in and help with this guide.

The Pax City location in Outriders contains a grand total of 8 journals to be collected.

To help you find these journals, we've pulled together this guide with a full list to help you locate each and every journal in Pax City.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

The Incident

This journal can be seen on a corpse in the Canyon as part of the Babylon main quest. Players must remember that the “JOURNAL ENTRIES” for the are changes from 0/7 to 0/6 upon collecting this one.

Sacred City

Players may find the Sacred City journal on a corpse beside a boat in the Harbour. This is also a part of the Babylon main quest.

Sealing Power

This journal may be obtained once players go to the small platform opposite the gate in the Harbour. The journal is a part of the Babylon main quest.


The Slavery journal is located at the end of the alley in Central Square. This journal entry would appear in players’ collection once the enter the area, which is right before picking it up.

Great Storm

In Pax City’s Slavemarket, this journal is present on a corpse just beside the wall. This is also a part of the Babylon main quest.

War with the Ferals


This can be seen in Monroy’s Palace as part of the Babylon main quest. It is placed on a corpse that can be found in the area.


This journal can also be obtained when players go to Monroy’s Palace. Players can get this by going to a corpse on the upper level by the window. Although they must also take note that the Mutiny journal does not count towards collectibles progress in this area.

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