Outriders Leather: Where to Farm Leather

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Leather is a common item in Outriders, which is good because you’ll need a lot of it. Keeping your gear levelled and fitted with mods is the key to matching the various baddies that the game throws your way. To help make sure you always have a healthy stock of Leather we’ve put together this Outriders Leather guide. We’ll explain how to get Leather and the best way to farm it.

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Where to Get Leather in Outriders

To get Leather in Outriders you will need to do either of these two things:

  1. Dismantle Armour
  2. Kill Enemies

Leather is probably the easiest resource to get in Outriders given that it is dropped by most enemies. You’ll collect a lot just by playing the game, so get out there and complete missions.

Best Way to Farm Leather

The best way we’ve found to farm Leather in Outriders is to head to Eagle Peaks and work your way up to the volcano. There are so many spider enemies and regular insurgents in this area that you can get a ton of leather. You’ll also earn armour drops that can be dismantled. Make sure to dismantle any that you aren’t using.


That’s where to get Leather in Outriders. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on farming Iron. There’s also our look at some essential tips and tricks for starting Outriders.

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