Outriders Hunter Quest Locations Guide

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Outriders has many side quests to complete and one of these is the Hunter quests. You can complete them solo or with co-op teammates.

Essentially players must track and eliminate monsters in the world of Enoch. You'll be able to begin hunts once you locate a half-eaten carcass in the world.

You won't be able to start the hunt until you discover these carcasses first so we've pulled together this quick guide to help you locate all the Hunter Quest locations dotted across Enoch.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:


Eagle Peaks (Hunter – Coldclaw)

Players need to interact with the pile of bones that can be seen near the Explorer Flag in Eagle Peaks. The Hunter- Coldclaw awaits players once found in the area.


Wreckage Zone (Hunter - Oreyard Queen)

The quest giver is in a bone pile near the Wreckage Zone’s Crevice Explorer flag. Once done, the Hunter – Oreyard Queen will then be unlocked.

Quarry (Hunter – Bigjaw)

In Quarry, the quest giver can be found in a bone pile that is placed near the Outpost Gate explorer flag – precisely behind the excavator in the corner. The Hunter – Bigjaw would then be available once done.

Forest Enclave (Splittooth)

Players can find the quest giver in Forest Enclave by set in a bone pile at the collapsed Arch Pass where Hunter – Splittooth could be unlocked.

The Stronghold (Hunter – Moldfang)

The Hunter – Moldfang will be available once the quest giver that can be found in a bone pile at Whitewater Reservoir is seen.


Ancient Ruins (Hunter – Spinewretch)

In the Ancient Ruins, the quest giver could be seen in a bone pile at the Distorted Sculpture. Once successfully found, the Hunter – Spinewretch will then be up for a battle.

The Gate (Hunter – Wendigo)

Another quest giver in a bone pile, The Gate’s Camp area houses one for the Hunter – Wendigo, precisely near the entrance of the Abandoned Sanctuary area.

Dunes (Hauras)

The quest giver for the Hunter – Hauras can be seen in a bone pile near the entrance to the camp at Crimsonleaf Oasis.

Desolate Fort (Hunter – Sandshifter)

In Desolate Fort, the quest giver is placed in a bone pile at the Buried Road. The Hunter – Sandshifter will be unlocked once players successfully locate it.


Canyon of the Grand Obelisk (Hunter – Typhoon)

The last quest giver in Outriders is in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk – specifically in a bone pile in the area. The Hunter – Typhoon awaits players if it will be found.

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