Outriders: How to Melee

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Outriders is a brand new title from the amazing developers Square Enix

With awesome gameply and mechanics, we can't wait to jump in and start exploring the world. But there are a few things you may want to know before you get yourself in trouble...


How to Melee

To melee in Outriders, simply click R3 on your PlayStation or Xbox controller (right analogue stick).

Your melee will strike and deal damage to any opponent within a small area in front of you.

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Each class has a seperate melee, so you'll want to be familiar with your class abilities before jumping into batle.

When to Use Effectively

Your melee ability is most effective against single targets so you'll want to be cautious using your melee around larger groups as it can make you incredibly vulnerable.

When in these situations, you'll likely have plenty of other weapons in your arsenal that are far more effective at taking out these groups.


As mentioned before, your melee is dependant on your class so you'll want to understand what your class is most effective at before getting yourself into tricky situations.

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