Outriders Historian Quest Locations Guide

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There are various types of quests that can be done in Outriders. One of which is the Historian quests. Although these are optional, some lead to Legendary rewards, so they're certainly worth completing as you progress through the story.

To make your search for the historian quests that little bit easier, we've pulled together a list of all Historian quest locations in Outriders.

To make things really easy you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Rift Town (Historian – Everlasting)

In Rift Town, the Historian – Everlasting quest can be done by locating the quest giver, Madam Beauvoir. Players need to go up the hill in the area from the fast travel location called “Crossroads.”

First City (Historian – Inspiration)

The Historian – Inspiration quest will be available once players interact with a gate located up a hill from the fast travel location “Footbridge.” Then they should go back to Madam Beauvoir in Rift Town after doing so.

Eagle Peaks (Historian – Timeless)

In Eagle Peaks, players must go to the Volcano camp area where a glowing wall is shown. They then must look for items that could interest Madam Beauvoir.

Deadrock Pass (Historian – Vision)

The quest’s location is in a door in the back of the area’s camp – near the fast travel location “Forestry Track.” Some wooden spikes could be the mark on this one.

Quarry (Historian – Roots)

In this area, the quest area is located in a swamp area placed between the vicinities of Outpost Gate and Camp. Once players reach a broken bridge, the Historian – Roots quest could then be unlocked.

The Gate (Historian – Memories)

An icon marked as (!) must be located by players in the Gate to unlock the Historian – Memories quest. It is placed near a fallen tree.

Dunes (Historian – Survival)

Players should go to a wall along with a quest icon by reaching the “Dustrift Crevasse” fast travel location.

Canyon of the Grand Obelisk (Historian – Connection)

In the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk, players can find the location in a building just behind some sort of bone pile. Reaching the dead end of the building will allow players to begin the Historian – Connection quest.

Pax City (Historian – Change)

A quest icon is placed right beside the fast travel location “Slaughtergrounds.” By reaching it, players will then be capable of accessing the Historian – Change quest.

The Caravel (Historian – Evolution)

The last Historian quest, named “Evolution,” could be unlocked by interacting with a wall beside the fast travel location “Incineration Chambers.”

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