Everything we know about the Outriders 1.11 Update

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People Can Fly and Square Enix just rolled out their Appreciation Package yesterday. Along with it, they also sent out a patch to buff the Armor and Player skills in the game.

Considering yesterdays' update to be the Outriders 1.10 patch, we're still expecting a truckload of fixes from the developers. I love the new random god rolled legendary, but that shouldn't be a reason for you to not fix the game.

That being said, here's everything that we know about the Outriders 1.11 update.

When does the Outriders 1.11 patch go live?

From what the developers have said on their Reddit post, the Outriders 1.11 patch is all set to go live next week. We still don't have a fixed date for it.

What can we expect in the Outriders 1.11 patch?

First things first, I hope that they fix the legendary drop rates in the next patch. Even if there's no complete fix, at least a minor buff could be expected.

Other than that, the game is still plagued with sign-in and connectivity issues. So I hope they get a head start on those as well. For a game that is inherently a co-op game, having connectivity issues is a major buzz kill.

The game needs to be balanced better as well. Legendary weapons and items what are extremely overpowered need a nerf while the others need to be buffed up. For looter shooters like Outriders, build diversity matters a lot. And if there is one armor set which is completely broken, everyone will gun after that set, rather than experimenting with builds.

There are several other bugs that are still present in the game that need to be addressed immediately. So here's to hoping that the Outriders 1.11 patch fixes some of them.

Oh and while we're at it, can we please have a fix for the "New item" bug? It's really annoying, and it's a surprise this is still there.

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