What We Might See from Outriders at E3 2021

Will we see an Outriders E3 2021 presentation?

People Can Fly and Square Enix released Outriders earlier in 2021, and while the main campaign is complete enough, the hope of Outriders DLC remains strong.

Of course, the development team still has several other patches and fixes planned to improve the game’s current state, which sometimes even needs patches to improve the patches.

However, speaking with GameRant, People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski hinted that the studio does have something to share at E3.

Whether that’s related to Outriders, Project Gemini, or something else is another matter, though.

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Outriders at E3 2021

E3 2021 COUNTDOWN - June 13

There's not long to go before Square Enix's E3 Presentation 'Square Enix Presents' gets underway.

We already know you'll be able to see the World Premiere of a new game by Eidos Montreal, plus updates on BABYLON’S FALL, Life is Strange: True Colors and plenty more.

The show goes live on Sunday, June 13 at 12:15pm PDT / 8:15pm BST and you can watch the action right here, and on our YouTube and Twitch.

Can't see your timezones, then check out the below tweet:

June 11 - Although not E3 related, fans might be keen to know that there's a new update out for the game (Outriders Patch 1.10), along with some new freebies.

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June 9 - As per Paul Tassi of Forbes (below), it could be that anything we do see from People Can Fly will be nothing more than a tease for whatever is coming next.

It’s been said that if that did happen, it would be significant expansion content, and likely paid. The problem being that Outriders is still bogged down fixing what currently ails the game, from matchmaking problems to class balance to drop rates and a bunch of other things. I suppose it may be too early for Outriders to be talking about future expansion content with all this going on, but I do wonder that even if they’re not listed here, maybe they could tease something coming in the future, as I have to imagine something is being planned. But we’ll see.

Beyond this, we're unsure if there's going to be any great reveal or deep dive. At best a ten-second teaser or expansion key art. Not long to wait now either way.

June 7 - As mentioned, we're not yet sure if Outriders factors into Square Enix's E3 2021 plans.

Outside a few headline acts, such as Marvel's Avengers, the publisher was a bit vague on what to expect from the show.

Outriders DLC

There's still no Outriders roadmap several months out from the game's initial release.

Square Enix is making good on its Marvel's Avengers roadmap promise this summer, though, so hopefully we'll see something about Outriders as well.

Outriders Sequel

It's highly unlikely - nay, pretty much impossible - we'll see an Outriders sequel announced at E3, especially with so much work left to be done on the base game.

But if People Can Fly want this to become the long-term gamesink that keeps players coming back month after month, like Bungie has achieved with Destiny, you better believe they need to have some post-launch content planned.

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