Outriders Chrysaloid: How to Beat the Chrysaloid Boss Fight

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The Chrysaloid is the final boss fight in the first Forest area in Outriders. It can be a tricky fight if you don’t have the right build for the job, as this foe can easily wipe most of your health with a single hit. To help you come out of this fight on top, we’ve put together this Outriders Chrysaloid Boss Fight Strategy guide. We’ll take a look at its main attacks, what skills you should go in with, and some tips on the fight.

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Outriders Chrysaloid Boss Fight

The Chrysaloid will pop up at the end of the Forest area in Outriders. It’s a fairly standard boss fight, with two main phases and health bars. Given that it deals extremely high damage with each hit, the key to success is dodging its attacks and healing up whenever you can.

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First Phase

The first phase of the Chrysaloid fight is fairly straightforward. There are three main attacks to look out for. The first is a beam attack. You’ll see a red line on the ground while it’s being charged up, you’ll need to hide behind the nearby rock to avoid being hit. After that there will usually be a slam attack where the beast slams or swipes its hand down. These attacks are clearly telegraphed, and a dodge should be enough to avoid them. Every now and then the Chrysaloid will haul itself up over the cavern and drop rocks down. Again, these are clearly shown with red warning markers. Once you’ve whittled down the first health bar, it’s time to head outside to continue the fight.

Second Phase

The second phase is much tougher to get through. The Chrysaloid will have roughly the same attacks as before, with a few tweaks. The beam attack now marks a horizontal line across the arena that’s a little more easy to dodge. The rock falling is now a rock throwing attack, telegraphed by the creature backing away from the arena for a few seconds. The main issue with this phase is that Strix enemies show up, which can easily poison you if you’re not careful. Prioritise these enemies before attacking the Chrysaloid. Now, let’s move onto some more specific tips.

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Best Build For Fighting the Chrysaloid

The best and worst thing about the Chrysaloid is that it is one hell of a bullet sponge. Invest your mods and skills in weapon leeching, as you can essentially turn the creature into a walking health source. Builds that focus on long-range damage are best here, as are skills that do damage. Status Effects aren’t really all that useful here, maybe Weakness or Vulnerable to speed the fight up a bit. Try to focus on your healing capabilities, skills that allow for health to be regained on the pickup of ammo or upon killing an enemy are great here.

Ultimately, this fight is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep your health up and fire rounds into the Chrysaloid’s chest. Make sure you’re dodging every attack and you’ll be fine. It’ll take some time, but you don’t want to be dying here, as you’ll have to start the fight from the beginning.

That’s all you need to know about the Chrysaloid fight in Outriders. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on farming World Tiers. Elsewhere there’s our page on the missions in Outriders.

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