Was the Outriders 1.09 Patch a hit or a miss?

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The Outriders 1.09 patch went live yesterday. After this patch, you won't get booted from a party right before opening that chest after the grueling expedition. Also, you'll be matched with players from your region. This will probably speed up the match-making process. And that's it.

Yes there are a few bug fixes but what's the point of them if the major issues aren't addressed?


The developers have stated that they're working on a few issues like the sign-in issue on the Xbox. They're also working on buffing the drop rates for the legendary items in the game. When do these changes go live? No one knows.

Invisible walls, bullet proof bushes and that annoying inventory bug!

Funnily enough, even after this patch, the carcasses still block bullets. What makes it both funny and annoying at the same time is the fact that these carcasses are invisible! And who knew that bushes could stop bullets? Concrete walls can but bushes?


The Outriders 1.09 patch has failed to address the "new item" inventory bug as well. Think about it. You earn loot from an activity, and then when you access your inventory, everything is marked as "new". I've accidentally deleted important gear thanks to this bug.

Also, personally, I feel that they're not fixing the legendary drop rates on purpose. It's hiding a plethora of issues in its shadow. The community on Reddit has already been complaining about some of the armor sets in the game being broken.


If they do end up addressing the drop rates right now, they'll be left with the issues plaguing the legendary sets. Outriders, despite 6 months since it's release, is very unbalanced. This game truly needs one big patch that addresses all the issues.

Honestly, the Outriders 1.09 patch has failed to address the major issues bugging the game at this point. Looter shooters take up a good chunk on my hard drive but Outriders will have to stay out for the time being. I'm not going close to that game unless they've fixed these issues, or at least buffed the legendary drop rates.