Outriders: How to Heal With Each Class

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How to heal in Outriders is less simple than it sounds.

There’s no universal healing option, and healing items don’t exist in Outriders.

Instead, you’ll have two healing options.

One is just a regular passive healing that takes place if you don’t take damage.

However, Outriders’ passive healing option only restores a small portion of your health.

The bulk of your healing in Outriders will happen through combat.

Each class has a unique way of restoring health, and they all revolve around defeating enemies.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no Outriders healing class.

Whatever healing you do is only for your character, and it blends in with the rest of that class’ skills.

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Outriders: How to Heal as Pyromancer

Pyromancers need to mark enemies and then kill them to restore health.

Any kill method works, so long as the marked enemies die.

Outriders: How to Heal as Trickster

Tricksters heal by eliminating nearby enemies, and they get an extra benefit too.

In addition to restoring the Trickster’s health, killing nearby enemies also restores a shield.

Outriders: How to Heal as Technomancer

If there’s anything resembling an Outriders healer class, it’s the Techomancer.

Technomancers restore a portion of health based on any damage they deal, whether the enemy is in close proximity or not.

Outriders: How to Heal as Devastator

The Devastator is like the Trickster only without the extra bonus,

Kill nearby enemies to heal the Devastator

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