The Outriders Seismic Commander Armor Set: What It Does and How to Get It

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The Outriders Seismic Commander Armor Set is challenging to get because drops are so random. Typically, the best way to obtain anything is to kill many enemies and hope for the best drop. There are also chests that you can farm, but hunting armor can be difficult.

The Good News is that there is a way for players to dramatically increase the chance of securing the Outriders Seismic Commander Armor Set. Players can only execute the method after the main storyline has been completed, so anyone who hasn't yet must do so.


How do you get the Outriders Seismic Commander Armor Set?

Player is in an items shop with a vender named "Tiago". Tiago is sitting and looking at the player as they browse his wares.
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It is not a secret that Tiago's shop sells the best merch

Players can unlock expeditions after completing the main story, which will give them equipment and Drop Pod resources. Drop Pod Resources are used to purchase Legendary Items from Tiago. Tiago sells far better weapons and gear than other shops, and his shop will occasionally sell pieces of armor sets.

The only thing players have to do is return every 1.5 hours for the shop to reset and find their armor.


What is the Outriders Seismic Commander Armor Set?

There are five different pieces of armor available in the Outriders Seismic Commander Armor Set. Each armor piece has two possible mods. The gear and possible mods are:

Seismic Commander's Helmet - Headgear

  • Ultimate Impaler - Impale: The skill can be activated two more times before triggering the cooldown.
  • Blood Shock - Earthquake: Inflicts Bleed on enemies affected by the skill.

Seismic Commander's Armor - Upper Armor

  • Palisade - Impale: The skill can strike two additional targets.
  • Earth’s Legacy - Earthquake: Increases the skill’s range by 60%.

Seismic Commander's Leg Armor - Lower Armor

  • Tainted Blood: Increases the damage dealt to enemies afflicted with Bleed by 25%.
  • Rivers of Blood - Impale: Increase the skill damage by 50% to enemies afflicted with Bleed.

Seismic Commander's Gloves - Gloves

  • Asunder - Earthquake: Using the skill permanently reduces the Armor of affected enemies by 20%.
  • Ground Crush - Earthquake: Increases the skill's base damage by ___ Damage.

Seismic Commander's Footgear - Footgear

  • Second Quake - Earthquake: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
  • Sharpened Spike - Impale: The skill deals X more damage.

When the player has the complete set, the bonus becomes available. The Outriders Seismic Commander Amor Set bonus is "increase damage toward bleed with bleed by 150%."