The Outriders Acari Armor Set: What It Does and How to Obtain It

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The Outriders Acari Armor Set is a complex set to acquire because the drops are so random. It is often the case that chest farming and beating Monster Quest are the only ways to complete armor sets.

You can drastically increase your chance of obtaining the Outriders Acari Armor Set using a different method. Anyone who hasn't yet completed the main storyline must do so before executing the process; otherwise, they won't have unlocked the shop.

How do you get the Outriders Acari Armor Set?

Player is in an items shop with a vender named "Tiago". Tiago is sitting and looking at the player as they browse his wares.
Tiago's shop sells legendries like hotcakes

When players complete the main story, they can unlock expeditions. These expeditions will give them equipment and Drop Pod resources. In addition to selling better weapons and gear than other shops, Tiago occasionally sells legendary armor sets. To get your armor, players have to visit the shop every time it resets (every 1.5 hours) until they can purchase the armor.


What is the Outriders Acari Armor Set?

Within the Outriders Acari Armor Set, there are five different armor pieces available. Each piece of armor comes with two possible mods. The gear and possible mods are:

Helmet of the Acari - Headgear

  • Fire Tsunami - Heatwave: Increase the width of the firewall
  • Ember Shield - Overheat: Each status consumed by the skill increases your resistance by 10% for ten seconds. It stacks up to five times

Armor of the Acari - Upper Armor

  • Detonator - Overheat: Decrease the skill's cooldown by 50%
  • Tidal Wave - Heatwave: The skill can be activated one more time before triggering the cooldown

Gauntlets of the Acari - Gloves

  • Strength From Fire - Heatwave: Using the skill grants ten seconds 15% weapon damage bonus for each affected enemy
  • Blacksmith - Overheat: Each status condition consumed by the skill grants an armor bonus for eight seconds

Waistcloth of the Acari - Lower Armor

  • Anomaly Echo: Grants Firepower and Anomaly power bonus on skill activation for 15 seconds
  • Irradiation Wave - Heatwave: Inflicts weakness on enemies affected by the skill

Boots of the Acari - Footgear

  • Master Consumer - Overheat: The skill consumes either Fire or Ash status to deal damage. Consuming both at once increases the damage by 150%
  • Hellfire - Heatwave: If the skill damages three enemies, all subsequent enemies will receive additional damage

A player receives the bonus once they have the entire set. The Outriders Acari Amor Set bonus is "Every enemy damaged by Heatwave grants a 25% Anomaly Power bonus for ten seconds."