How to Fast Travel Back to Rift Town in Outriders

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Rift Town is where Outriders begins in earnest, and the player will have many beginning missions there. Consequently, it is a wonder why new players are never explicitly instructed on how to return to Rift Town via fast travel. Many players don't realize that they could have just fast travelled to Rift Town instead of running back.

Players have reported that the truck driver doesn't always offer fast travel to Rift Town. It may be a glitch, so until it's fixed, this guide should give players a permanent way of getting back to Rift Town.

People may wish to return to Rift Town since it's the only place that doesn't seem to be inciting chaos. It's the closest place players can come to an ordinary town in Outriders. So they may want to go back there to escape the mayhem of the outside world.


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How do players fast travel back to Rift Town, and why would they want to?

To get back to Rift Town, players only need to speak to Jakub. Jakub is located at the camp, and he is more than happy to be the one that initiates fast travel. Other than Rift Town, Jakub can fast-travel the player anywhere else in the game.

Rift Town has vendors and everything a beginning player needs. The vendors buy and sell equipment and even dismantle weapons. While it may not serve many more purposes in the late game, it is still open to players of any level.

Many players take advantage of Rift Town's calmer environment to shop and prepare for battles. There are other vendors and places to do what's necessary, but sometimes a player needs the familiarity of a city. At least, that's how many players feel who return.

Jakub will never refuse any player from returning to Rift Town because there won't be any surprises awaiting. Should any player need it, he's always ready to send them back.

That's all we have on getting back to Rift Town. For more help with Outriders be sure to check out our Legendary Weapons guide. Elsewhere there's our Epic Chest Farming route.