Youtubers Life 2 Won't Release On iOS or Android

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A Youtubers Life 2 mobile release is seemingly off the cards. According to the game announcement, the sequel to the 2017 original will skip iOS and Android, leaving mobile gamers to continue racking up subscribers in their bedrooms instead when it releases sometime this year.

The sequel to the 2017 original will allow budding virtual content creators to explore the streets of NewTube City and even attempt to tackle new social media platforms like Glitch and InstaLife--puns of Twitch and Instagram respectively.


The city beyond the bedroom will serve as a hub. Consisting of The Hall, Downtown, and Port neighborhoods, it connects players with the "hot new trends they need to be making content about, as well as enabling them to customize both themselves and their content."

The original Youtuber's Life now serves as a relic of the past, showing just how quickly the influencer space can move. The 2017 simulator allowed players to grow their Let's Play empire, starting from a bedroom and moving up to a bigger and better house (and a yacht) as their channel amassed subscribers.

Nowadays, trending YouTubers make it big from a variety of different types of content, and this new game should allow players to experience the need to keep up with trends to stay relevant.

In the sequel, trends are ever-changing, and a personal drone will allow you to vlog your adventures beyond the confines of your home as you explore the city, party at nightclubs, play volleyball, and otherwise get acquainted with the other content creators and the newest trends and social media platforms.


Youtubers Life 2 is a game that entirely reflects the community feedback we had from the first game," said Project Director Quim Garrigos. "It's resulted in a game we think will give players the opportunity to tread the path of becoming a successful Youtuber." So long as you don't want to play on mobile, that is.