Valiant Force 2 tier list and reroll guide (May 2023)

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A new week and a new mobile gacha; this time, it's the long-awaited sequel to Valiant Force, the aptly titled Valiant Force 2.

This free-to-play strategy RPG is set a decade after the events of the first title and takes everything good about that game and makes it bigger.

Players who step back in Arathos will find battles are larger in scale and more dynamic, with the introduction of new combat features that'll need to be mastered, like Elemental dynamics and Auron Cards.

Valiant Force 2 also brings back the class system and many familiar faces of the previous game, but even with that being the case, many are left wondering who the best characters are to take into battle.

To help you answer that, we have put together a Valiant Force 2 tier list and show you how to reroll to maximise your chance of getting the one you want.

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Valiant Force 2 tier list

As it stands, there are currently 27 characters in Valiant Force, split into six classes.

While we are likely to get many more characters post-launch, we aren't likely to get any more classes, so before we get into the tier list, let's look at what those classes are.

  • Champions - damage-dealing warriors
  • Guardians - tanky frontline defenders
  • Healer - as you'd assume
  • Ranger - ranged attacks
  • Shadow - capable of inflicting other negative buffs (stunning etc.)
  • Mystic - mages and spell casters

Nothing too surprising there, then. Now, of course, as with any gacha game, you will want to pull those sweet, sweet SSR characters, but you likely won't do that out the gate unless you're spending that hard, hard-earned money.

So, you need to know who is worth keeping and who you should ditch, and that's where the tier list comes in.

Broken down by class, we rank the characters based on their combined PvE and PvP performance.

Valiant Force 2 Champions tier list

Tier Characters
BRhea, Hinata
CDrake, Eliza

Valiant Force 2 Guardians tier list

Tier Character

Valiant Force 2 Healer tier list

Tier Character

Valiant Force 2 Mystic tier list

Tier Character
ARonan, Felix

Valiant Force 2 Ranger tier list

Tier Character
AIzumi, Raega

Now you know the best characters on offer, here is a look at how you can reroll.

How to reroll in Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2's gacha system is about par for the course for this title, giving you a 3% chance of pulling an SSR character from the Character Banner Summon or Grand Invocation Banner. The latter is better for rerolling, as it is not tied to a specific character.


To reroll, follow these instructions:

  1. Start a new game while logged in as a "Guest".
  2. Once past the tutorial, claim all freebies from the login rewards and your in-game mailbox.
  3. Head to the summon menu and spend all your resources on pulls.
  4. Check to see what characters you pulled.
  5. If you don't get the ones you want, delete all the app data from your device, and repeat steps 1 to 5 until you get the characters you want.

Once you have the characters you want, you can tie that to your Google or Apple ID to retain your progress.

Valiant Force 2 - hero selector

Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be given a chance to select one of three heroes, all SSR-rated characters.

Valiant Force 2 hero selector
click to enlarge
Credit: XII Braves
Altima, Fave, or Victoria?

They are Altima, Victoria, and Fave, but which one's the best? Well, if you've come here looking for that answer, you're in luck; as you can see from the tier list above, Altima is the best of the three.

That's it for our Valiant Force 2 tier list. We will update this tier list as new characters are introduced and the Valiant Force 2 meta shifts.

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