How to get combat points in Undawn

Undawn Road of Raven

Undawn Road of Raven

If you're looking to increase your rank and title on the Road of Raven in Undawn, you're going to need Raven sigils. However, this is only possible through the combat points in Undawn. Increasing your rank provides some handy buffs to your character, so knowing how to get combat points in Undawn is important.

Today we will be going over the Road of Ravens, how to get Raven sigils and how to collect and use combat points in Undawn. This currency is quite easy to get and doesn't take too long to farm. So let's learn how to get combat points in Undawn.

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What are combat points in Undawn?

Combat points are a farmable currency in Undawn. They are primarily used to make purchases in the combat market, which you can access from the market tab. The most notable purchases you can make using combat points are different tiers of Raven sigils. We will explain how these work further ahead.

How to get combat points in Undawn?

You can get combat points by participating in PvP game modes, and you can clear them daily to stock up on a good amount of combat points. Open the schedule tab, explore the sub-tabs and check out the Aeronautical Base game mode.

The Aeronautical Base is one of the PvP game modes in Undawn, where you will compete against other players in a 12v12 battle. You will be rewarded with combat points that can be used to buy weapon materials and Raven sigils and use them to upgrade your Road of Ravens title.

Undawn Road of Raven Level Up requirements IRon Raven sigil sell to gain combat points
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Note that you can also sell off your lower-tier Raven sigils to get combat points in return.

Let's explain what these sigils are and how you're supposed to use combat points to purchase them.

How to use combat points in Undawn?

You must head to the combat market in Undawn to purchase Raven sigils. Currently, four types of Raven sigils are available, each with an increasing rarity and cost. The first tier costs 200 combat points, while the most valuable silver Raven sigil costs 1500 combat points.

Combat Points shop in Undawn
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Check your sigil requirements from the Road of Ravens tab and spend your combat points accordingly.

You can also spend combat points purchasing valuable materials by switching to the materials tab in the combat market.

Undawn Combat Points Combat Market Materials Tab
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That's everything you need to know about how to get combat points in Undawn and how you can use them. While you're here, check out our Undawn tier list and how to farm cedar bark.

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