Dragalia Lost Outlines Its July Events, Time Trials and Banner Schedule

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Now officially over 1000 days old, Nintendo and Cygames' (creators of one of the best Mobile TCGs around) Dragalia Lost has outlined its plans for July. And there's a lot going on in a game that just never stops giving.

According to the "This Month in Dragalia Lost" blog post over on the official website, facility events, defense events, time attack challenges, special Summer units, story chapters, and reworked dragons are all coming in the next 30 days.


Oh, and a reminder that a song collection was released at the end of June.

Dragalia Lost July Content Schedule

Here's a quick look at the July schedule. You can read on for specifics.

Early July

  • Toll of the Deep (Facility Event)
  • Summer Alex banner + Gala Reborn Nidhogg banners
  • Summer Mym Banner + Free Daily 10-Pull Event

Mid July

  • Asura's Blinding Light (Defense Event)
  • Trials of the Might - Grimmir's Trial (Akashu upgrades)

Late July

  • Lilith Time Attack Challenge
  • Chapter 20: Part Two (Main Story)
  • Summer Prince Event
  • QoL Patch

First up for Dragalia Lost in July is the Toll of the Deep facility event. As usual, upgrading the facility in question will permanently buff your team.

At the same time, the Summer Alex and Gala Reborn Nidhogg units around available in their corresponding banners.

When she first launch, Alex essentially broke the game, so expect something similar to happen again. Nidhogg, on the other hand, has been in need of a boost for a long time, so it's good to see the Shadow Dragon return.

Once those two vanish on July 5, Summer Mym will take their place. It'll happen during a Free Daily 10-Pull event as well, so getting her shouldn't be too difficult.

Art banner of Asura's Blinding Light content in Dragalia Lost.

Back on the event front, Mid-July brings the Asura's Blinding Light event. This is a defense-style activity.

Trials of the Mighty will also get a new addition in mid-July with Grimnir's Trial. This will offer materials for the Akasha unit's mana spiral unlock in its daily bonus chest.

Now properly back on the regular, a new Time Attack Challenge will show up toward the end of the month, forcing a rematch with Lilith.

Toward the same time, Chapter 20 will launch, seeing the story through to the Sacred Tree. Gala Nidhogg Reborn is also said to be making an appearance up there.

Lastly (on the new unit and event front, at least) the Summer Prince unit will arrive to show off his skinny physique. It'll unlock for free through another event toward the end of the month.

Dragalia Lost July QoL Changes

But for some, the feature update toward the end of the month is what really matters. Some proper QoL changes are right around the corner. Like the following:

  • The ability to accept or reject daily bonus rewards in Trials of the Mighty.
  • The ability to use skip tickets on Daily Bonus quests (except Trials of the Mighty) with "one tap from a central location).
  • The ability to exchanges 4* upgrade materials (Steel Bricks, Moonlight Stones), mana and other items for "valuable resources like Damascus Crystals and Sunlight Ore.

How to Buy or Stream the Dragalia Lost Song Collection

You can't buy the "beautiful" physical version outside of Japan, but you can listen to the songs on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and probably just about any premium music streaming service out there at this point.