The Next Game From the Genshin Impact Developers Arrives This Summer

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In a press release issued by MiYoHo, developers of the Genshin Impact open-world adventure game, the company announced that their next game Tears of Themis will launch this summer.

Pre-registrations are now live across iOS and Android with a free SR gatcha event already set to take place at launch.

What is Tears of Themis?

Tears of Themis isn't a new game from MiYoHo, but a title from their back catalog that's being localized and released in English for the first time this year.

Rather than a sprawling open-world title or intense action-RPG like their other games, Tears of Themis is a "romance detective" title that promised romance and suspense as you gather evidence from 3D crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and cross-examine potential criminals.

As you go about solving various crimes, you'll court one of the game's four 20-something male lead characters through video calls, romantic dates, and somehow even gunfights; from top attorney Artem Wing to Marius von Hagen, heir to the Pax Group throne.

The good people of the city of Stellis are going mad, violent, and volatile. With so many crimes racking up, it's up to you to solve those buried under the weight of the next.

In the end, you'll take your evidence to the courts to settle a variety of cases that all appear to be part of a larger narrative.

What Language Will Tears of Themis Be In?

One of four male romance options in Tears of Themis from MiYoHo.
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Although the text in Tears of Themis will be in English, character voice-overs will be available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean only.

When is the Tears of Themis Release Date?

Tears of Themis was previously announced for a 2021 release, but is now confirmed to arrive within the season. A Closed Beta was made available shortly after the previous announcement.

Pre-registrations are now live, suggesting a release is relatively close.

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