No, A Razer Phone 3 Release Date Wasn't Revealed At E3

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Three years on from the release of its last gaming handset, Razer failed to announce a Razer Phone 3 release date. Although the company has stated in the past that plans to release a successor were shelved, fans were still expecting a potential surprise reveal. But that's not to say one of its products would be a good fit for the potential future device.

What Did Razer Announce at E3?

Despite the nod to the company's past mobile efforts, CEO Min-Liang Tan used the nearly hour-long event to showcase only three products: non of which tied into the firm's mobile endeavors--although its new AMD-powered Razer Blade 14 could probably play a good round of PUBG Mobile through an emulator like Blue Stacks 5.


In all, Tan gushed for 45 minutes about a laptop, a face mask, a THX-certified refresh to its 27-inch gaming monitor, and a very expensive USB-C charger. That last one probably could jack up your Razer Phone 2 battery pretty quickly, but it would have been the perfect luxury accessory to bundle with a Razer Phone 3 refresh.

Razer is credited with birthing the mobile gaming phone scene that device manufacturers like Asus, Nubia and Lenovo have carried on in recent years. Although both the 2017 Razer Phone and 2018 Razer Phone 2 lacked gaming-specific hardware features seen in other similar phones these days, they had the sharp, sleek looks and branding to appeal to a wider audience.

Since then, Razer has seemingly refused to release a successor despite mobile gaming's continued growth. According to potential leaks of prototype hardware last year, Razer could have been in the process of developing a refreshed handset.

The company once blamed the uncertainty around the rollout of 5G networks as the reason why production was delayed, but with 5G adoption now gaining speed, there was reason to believe a new handset could be shown at E3. Evidently, that didn't happen, and a Razer Phone 3 release date could still be a distant dream.