PUBG New State: Troi Map Revealed Ahead Of Alpha Release

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PUBG New State is set to release the Alpha version of the game by June 11, 2021. However, the developers have revealed some information about some of the new locations added to the game.

Earlier, Krafton Inc. announced that the game will have exclusive content with new map designs. This will be coupled with ultra-realistic graphics that will have "global illumination" technology.


PUBG Mobile New State will also feature a new timeline, set in 2051. Fans can expect to see some futuristic locations, and one of those was recently revealed. The city of Troi in PUBG Mobile New State will be an 8x8 map with several iconic locations for players to explore.

PUBG New State: Krafton Inc. reveals new locations on Troi map

The developers released images for three locations on Twitter just a few days ago. These locations will be important POIs in the Troi Map in PUBG Mobile New State.


This was followed up with a video that gave fans the first look at the Troi map. Brian Corrigan, publishing director at PUBG studios spoke to the fans in the video about everything they can expect from New State.

"New State inherits and improves on the established PC and console foundations with a fresh near future twist."

He also mentioned that the developers will release a set of such videos titled field trip, which would give more insight to players about the new Troi map.

Exhibit Hall


Located at the centre of Troi, this new POI is definitely going to be a fan-favourite drop spot in PUBG Mobile New State. The Exhibit Hall is designed to mimic a bullseye from the top view. It is circular and has enough cover for players to engage from.

The wide open-air centre of Exhibit Hall will definitely encourage classic PUBG gunplay where players essentially win fights with peekers' advantage. There are different levels of verticality at this POI which will encourage different playstyles.

Players with good aim can just land at the roof and get ready for a fight. Similarly, players looking for stealthy options should land on the ground floor and let the bulletproof glass do its job.

While it may not look in any way similar to Pochinki, fans can expect that the gunfights at Exhibit Hall will be similar to the classic location from PUBG Mobile.


The Mall

The Mall is designed similar to the Exhibit Hall, with a broad open-roof and wide spaces. From the looks of it, this POI is all about vantage points. Players who can position themselves perfectly at this location will always have the upper hand in gunfights.

Each floor has several entrances and exits that can be utilised. With innumerable windows, entries and exits, the Mall presents a specific threat to players which is reminiscent of Bootcamp from Sanhok in PUBG Mobile.


The roof will be the hottest drop spot of all, and naturally stealthy players would choose to go to the ground floor. However, there are enough spots to jump from the roof safely and gain a better angle over enemies camping on the lower floors.

The Laboratory

This POI is designed with all the future tech one can dream of. With four levels of the structure, the Laboratory thrives on close-range gunplay. There is an immense potential for creative plays on this location as it is strategically divided into various sections.


A team can isolate a certain section and move forward by checking all four levels at once in the Laboratory. However, it is easier said than done and will need a lot of coordination and communication.

The central area of the Laboratory is also protected with bulletproof glass, although getting trapped inside might be a bad idea.
These are the three new POIs displayed by Krafton Inc before PUBG Mobile New State officially goes live with the Alpha version.