PUBG New State: Best Unique Features Added in Alpha Version

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PUBG Mobile New State is expected to breathe new life into the fps mobile gaming genre. Recently, developers from Krafton revealed some unique details that players will get to see in the latest PUBG game.

Most of these features are unique to the original dynamics in PUBG, and fans cannot wait to experience these in-game. The developers also gave a comprehensive tour of the new 8x8 map named Troi, and it looks futuristic in every aspect.

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Set in the year 2051, PUBG Mobile New State will redefine the classic survival battle royale mode in several ways. While most fans are calling it the new "Warzone mobile", others are sticking to "PUBG with an upgrade."

Here is a list of all the new features Krafton Inc. introduced in the Alpha stage.


PUBG New State: Unique features

Most popular Battle Royale titles have always shared certain in-game mechanics. This phenomenon is not at all the proverbial "copy-pasting", instead, these mechanics are refined and reorganized based on the specific game.
Players may have already seen some of these new features in popular games like COD Mobile, Free Fire, and Apex Legends Mobile.


Deployable Shield

PUBG New State will have two variants of a Deployable Shield in-game. One will provide normal cover, preferably for one player only. The other one is a wider variant which is much more fortified.

Gamers have already seen the usage of Deployable Shield in COD Mobile. It will be interesting to see how well this feature does in-game during the Alpha version.


Electronic Trams

Trains in Battle Royale games is nothing new, Respawn Entertainment made it quite an attractive feature in Apex Legends. Similarly, PUBG New State also has trains or trams which run all around the map.


Besides all the new vehicles in the game, the trams can become quite important for mobility during the zone shifts. They cannot be destroyed and follow a specific path.

In the video above, fans can see that these trains also provide natural cover, and are good rotational tools to escape gunfights.


Drones are quite essential in PUBG New State, and they have a separate Drone store that gives players an edge in the game.


Firstly, players can use Search Drones to scour a location. Although, players will be vulnerable to attack while they are using the drone.

Similarly, there is a different feature called Drone Store which works on Drone Credit, a currency system found in-game. Players can purchase Custom kits with these credits in-game.

Revive Feature

Perhaps one of the most immersive features in Battle Royale games is the revive feature that allows players to respawn after dying. PUBG Mobile was highly criticized for not having a revive feature in the game, and Krafton Inc plans to change that with PUBG New State.

The revive feature is added to a new Green Flare Gun in PUBG New State. It's a single-use item that can bring back fallen teammates back into the game.

Electric Cars

The vehicular efficiency in PUBG New State is beyond compare. The fast, efficient and stealthy electric cars in-game provides players with a multitude of options. There is also a boost function that speeds up these electronic cars.

However, these cars also have some drawbacks. For instance, the car's battery depletes quickly when players are driving from outside the zone. Similarly, using too much boost will drain the battery equally.