PUBG: Can Krafton's new BGMI emulate PUBG's success in India?

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Krafton Inc has finally announced the official release for BattleGrounds Mobile India, and fans cannot wait to play this new version of PUBG Mobile.

The immense popularity of the classic battle royale in India stood the test of time. Even when PUBG Mobile was banned in the country, fans and players urged the developers to design a game following the government protocols.


Now, its triumphant return with a new name is celebrated with over 10million downloads. According to reports, players have taken to the game just like they did with PUBG.

While most fans are excited to play BGMI, others are looking forward to a fresh experience with a better community.

So if you're wondering what BGMI is all about, we got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about Krafton's latest venture.

Release Date

The official release date for BGMI is 2nd July 2021. The beta testing period opened last month, and players were finally able to experience PUBG once again.

However, unlike the previous version of the game, BGMI focuses solely on Indian players, and the UI is designed to suit proper restrictions based on age.

APK Download

The game is currently available on Google Play Store for only Android users. Krafton also mentioned in their official blog that it will soon be available for download on iOS devices as well.

BGMI is around 731MB and players will have the advantage of user data transfer. If a player had an account in PUBG Mobile, then they can transfer their account data through this new method. This will bring back all the cosmetics players had during the first game.

Is it a replica of PUBG Mobile?

Technically speaking, yes, it is a replica of PUBG Mobile, from map design to gun mechanics. But at the same time, BGMI is targeted at the Indian audience, and it follows all the protocols highlighted by the government.

Effectively, this means that BGMI is essentially old wine in a new bottle, one which is still quite popular amongst fans.


I played the game during the beta version and after the official release on Oneplus 8T. As far as graphics and performance go, the game is still much better than other popular BR titles.

In fact, the HDR, and Ultra HD and Max Frame settings were performing much better than before.

New changes

While almost every feature will remind you of PUBG Mobile's glory days, there are a few changes that might seem repetitive to players.

For instance, the new Gameplay Management System in BGMI recommends a set of rules for players to follow if they're grinding the game every day.

At the start of every game, a recorded announcement is played which says BGMI is set in a virtual world. While it makes a clear point, it can get quite annoying for players.

However, these steps are absolutely necessary as the developers do not want young players to get addicted to the game.


They've also introduced green as the default colour for enemy blood. Simultaneously, when you eliminate an enemy in BGMI, it reads as "finish/finished" instead of "kill/killed."

These additions were crafted especially for the Indian audience, and in all fairness, Krafton Inc has done a brilliant job so far.

Players from all around the nation are quite happy to get their favourite battle royale game back.

The only question that remains now is whether BGMI will emulate PUBG Mobile's success in India? Only time will tell!