Indie Strategy Hit Northgard Invades Android This August

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After enjoying early access success on Steam back in early 2017, the viking invaders of Northgard are set to conquer the final frontier. Following the iOS release in April, a Northgard Android release date has been set for August 24.

Since its release, Northgard has grown dramatically (and sold 2+ million copies), adding new features, seasons, and additional playable clans along the way. Back in February of this year, developer Shiro Games both announced and released its fifth expansion Expeditions out of the blue.


Published by PlayDigious, Northgard on mobile brings the world-conquering title to iOS and Android with a promise of even more new clans to come. The keyboard/mouse interface has been adapted for touch screens, but the core experience remains the same.

When it launches in August, Northgard will set Android players back $8.99/€8.99, but anyone who pre-registers can grab it for 30 percent off.

From day one, Northgard will offer six DLC clans to add to the experience. Three of these; the Snake clan, Dragon clan, and Kraken clan, will be old news to iOS players, but the Horse, Ox, and Lynx clans launching alongside the Android release on August 24 will offer something new for players on either mobile platform.

Each DLC clan can be picked up individually for $2.99/€2.99. If you're looking for a slight discount, though, each trio clan drop can be bought as a bundle for $6.99/€6.99: that's a slight discount over their individual cost.


The Scale Bundle brings the Snake, Dragon, and Kraken clans together, whereas the Fur Bundle will offer the new Horse, Ox, and Lynx clan.

The game launch discount doesn't extend toward its launch DLC, but the savings will pay for your preferred new clan. It's a nice touch.