New Character Rapunzel Joins Smash Legends Today

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Smash Legends, One of mobile's newest fighting games, is set to get its 14th character today. Rapunzel (yes, that Rapunzel) arrives to slap enemies down with her lusciously long locks.

When she joins the games 3v3 brawls, Rapunzel will specialize in wide-range attacks, using her storybook hair to whip and cleave others in her vicinity.

Interestingly enough, her main mechanic could get bested by the new map launching alongside her. The Flying Truck - Late Night map is designed to "offer a more versatile terrain," suggesting her attacks could be dodged with a simple change of elevation.

A quick look at Rapunzel in Smash Legends is all you need to realize she's not your typical fairytale damsel in distress right now.

Concept art showing Rapunzel's design in Smash Legends.

Supposedly experimented on by the witch that trapped her in the iconic tower, Rapunzel wears a torn straight jacket. A mask covers her mouth, and her two-toned hair is adorned with spikes, turning her signature locks into deadly crushing weapons.

New Smash Legends character Rapunzel can be unlocked either through an in-app purchase or for free by playing for and amassing 1,050 points in Medal Road.


What is Smash Legends?

Developed by 5minlab and published by LINE Games, Smash Legends is a 2021 3v3 PvP fighting game based around the characters of classic fairytales like Peter (Peter and the Wolf) Cindy (Cinderella), and Red (Little Red Riding Hood).


Each character is reimagined in a unique anime artstyle, ensuring they have the means and equipment to duke it out on the battlefield.

With full cross-play between PC, iOS and Android, this F2P fighter is built around the idea of rapid-fire three minute matches across eight game modes.

With the release of Rapunzel, the list of Smash Legends characters grows to 14. Bi-weekly updates have been promised, with new maps, modes, and characters being the main focus of each.