MU Archangel Gets a Level Cap Increase Even Before Its Worldwide Release

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After last month's release of MU Archangel, a mobile MMORPG based off the legendary 2001 game MU Online, the handheld title has just received its first major update. As part of the big content patch, multiple new bosses and dungeons running on strict in-game timers and convoluted unlock methods have arrived. It'll certainly give players something to do over the weekend.

The main aspect of the June MU Archangel update appears to situate around the new Chrysos World Server. The addition of a new server may not sound like anything to write home about in, but in the chaotic world of MU Archangel, it means plenty more boss-killing opportunities for new and existing players.

According to the press release issued by MU Archangel developer and publisher WEBZEN, the new world server is designed to act as a central battlefield for the game's new content drop. The server will host powerful 'Bone Scorpion' monsters, with even more powerful BOSS monsters arriving randomly between 11AM-5AM every Saturday and Sunday.


A promotional image for MU Archangel's June 2021 update.

If world bosses aren't your cup of tea, the Kundun's Seal secret dungeon has also been added. The challenge, which features both Silver and Gold versions for players of different levels, only appears at 5 AM the day after a character on the server hits level 400 for the first time. Talk about a way to hype up someone's ding. After that, they'll be able to continue boosting to the new level 500 cap in the secret dungeon they triggered.

Of course, the real reason behind any of these new additions to loot. Big loot. Both the monsters of new Chrysos world server and Kundun's Seal are big loot magnets, with the latter dropping Potential Stones used in the new aptly named Potential System to upgrade Tier 3 or higher equipment. Reach Potential Option 4 and the Legendary Option unlocks, allowing for a character's power to increase even further.


Is MU Archangel Available Worldwide?

MU Online isn't currently available to download officially outside of Southeast Asia. That being said, with the game already available in English on top of Thai and Chinese, those looking to try it out need only find an alternate way to download the title to their mobile devices.