Does Your Gender Choice Matter in Mitrasphere?

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Mitrasphere paints a picture of multiple worlds, dangerous sky oceans, and pure existential dread at every turn. But before you even get to play, it asks you a difficult question: your gender. Does your gender choice matter in Mitrasphere? Does it affect the story in any way? Here's what we know.

Does Your Gender Affect the Story in Mitrasphere?

When you first fire up Mitrasphere--Crunchyroll Games' new mobile JRPG that originally launched in Japan back in 2017-- on iOS or Android, you're hit with a bunch of written lore and storybook-style cutscenes filled with misery before you even gain control. Then, you're asked to pick your character: A boy, or a girl.


The gender select screen in mobile JRPG Mitrasphere.

Although your choice of gender in Mitrasphere could affect how the storyline plays out--as it does in many other games--that isn't likely to be the case in this one. Whether you choose to be a boy or a girl for absolutely any reason, as far as the game is concerned, you're still heading out to help your sister.

In fact, the game even goes so far as to let you know that you're free to change your gender whenever you please. Think that massive sword suits a female character better? Change it up. Does the dude look more like a big axe brother? Make it happen.


If the story was going to send you down a different path because of your little 2D body, it wouldn't let you switch whenever you feel like it. The game wouldn't function.

The only thing to watch out for is what you name your character. Although you can change your gender for free in Mitrasphere, the same can't be said about your in-game name; which extends to your main character.

If you pick a traditionally gendered name like Craig for your male character, it might look a little odd if you swap to a female character later down the line. It's worth keeping in mind.