Kid-Friendly MMORPG NEO 2045 Enters Free Open Beta

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After announcing a rough Spring launch date back in March, child-focused MMORPG NEO 2045 has sprung into Open Beta on iOS, Android, and even PC.

Though it may not have managed a full launch before Summer came along (unless the press release refers exclusively to the season in the developer's native Australia), Open Beta at least puts it in the hands of whoever wants to play it in a technically unfinished state.


NEO 2045, which has been in development for close to two years now, is a sci-fi MMORPG set in a world discovered after a supervillain and his robot army take over Earth.

The new planet humans happen upon is now filled with plenty of pre-fabricated activities to experience, but includes the means for kids and adults alike to make their own fun as well.

It's specifically designed as a kid-friendly MMORPG that isn't necessarily 'made for kids' says developer VR Realms.

NEO 2045 is a safe place with all the hallmarks of a traditional MMORPG (including quests and the eventual goal of taking back Earth) but incorporates player creation tools and elements that the developer hopes will allow parents to enjoy it alongside their children.

Social hubs like the Forest Realm and Ocean Realm exist as a "fun and safe environment" for players to interact in. There's even a comedy club where my own twins (if I had any) would recite the comedy routine of the kids from Everybody Loves Raymond.

And after all that chat and a touchy joke at the Comedy Store results in a heated argument, you can settle the score in activity centres like the Lazer Tag Arena and Robot or Avatar Sports Stadiums.


Interested? You can click the platform links at the top of this article to download the game to your chosen device.