EA Tees off, Acquires Golf Clash and Its Developer From Warner Bros

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After nearing $1 billion in lifetime revenue for a single title, popular iOS and Android social sports game Golf Clash and its developer Playdemic have been bought up by EA. The studio and its IP, owned by Warner Bros. prior to today's deal, was lapped up in a $1.4 billion buyout.

Picking up numerous awards and amassing over 80 million downloads, Golf Clash has enjoyed enormous success. According to Warner Bros. Games President David Haddad, the sale came as a result of the company turning its attention to its "stories franchises" instead.

In response to the sale, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that "In addition to the ongoing success of Golf Clash, the talent, technology and expertise of Playdemic will be a powerful combination with our teams and IP...", calling the move EA's "next step" in its plan to "accelerate our growth in mobile."


Earlier in the year, EA bought up another massive mobile gaming giant Glu for $2.4 billion. The company was known not only for high-grossing celebrity-backed mobile hits like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but also for terminating the multiplayer features of numerous AAA titles like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros when it bought out server hosting solutions company Gamespy Technologies back in 2012.

From the sounds of things, Golf Clash won't see any major changes due to the deal. Though it hasn't been expressly mentioned whether Playdemic will remain fully autonomous or be restructured in any way, a statement from its CEO Paul Gouge suggests things will stay the same for the time being.

On joining EA, Gouge called it "an important next step" and that he and his team are "excited to continue to develop both Golf Clash and new titles."

Though they're keeping word of their new titles under wraps for now, with direct access to EA's IP portfolio, it would be wise to assume they'll be put to work on adapting the publishing giant's existing brands for mobile in the future. PGA Tour Mobile probably isn't far away now.