Cookie Run Kingdom: Oyster Cookie - Release Date, Rumours and More

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The Council of Heroes is expanding, and that includes a new character: Oyster Cookie. We’re eager to find out more about them, but here’s what we know about Oyster Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Released in the initial Cookie Run Council of Heroes update, Oyster Cookie is a currently unplayable character - though this is set to change. They are an elder of the Creme Republic’s council, and quite a high-up member working alongside the recently released Super Epic Clotted Cream Cookie. Oyster Cookie is head of their own Oyster House, which works in the trade industry, focusing on the maritime side. The character is a little older than all the others, and with that is sure to come wisdom about the Kingdom.

We have tons more guides for other recent characters like Clotted Cream Cookie and Wildberry Cookie, and the newly shown Crunchy Chip Cookie.


What Are Oyster Cookie's Toppings

Currently, we don't have any solid information as to which Toppings that Oyster Cookie could or should use when they become a playable character.

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It is safe to assume that classic Toppings like Searing Raspberry for higher attack stat, Healthy Peanut for more HP, and Hard Walnut granting extra defense will be a good choice.

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When Will Oyster Cookie Be Released?

It is likely that Oyster Cookie will be announced and released within the month, probably as part of the latest update. Clotted Cream Cookie was released a week after announcement, so Oyster will probably follow the same pattern.


How To Get Oyster Cookie

Players will need to have access to the Cookie Odyssey story mode in order to play the Council of Heroes chapters. To do this, you need to clear levels 12-30 in the main Story Mode.

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