COD Mobile Season 5: Leaks, Release Date, Update Time, new Weapons, Operators, Maps and Everything You Need To Know

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Activision is set to take gamers by surprise as COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water will mark the return of Simon "Ghost" Riley.

The developers are also looking to introduce some new Operators through the Battle Pass. At the same time, three new Multiplayer maps are coming to the game from COD Modern Warfare.


With all these changes on the horizon, we have compiled a comprehensive list of everything you must know about COD Mobile Season 5.

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Release Date

COD Mobile Season 5 is set to go live on June 28, 2021. The developers announced on the official discord group that they will release more details related to Season 5: In Deep Water this week.

Update Time

The update time for COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water will be around 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET/ 1 AM BST. This is usually when all the updates are added to the game.

Players can expect that a new home screen, along with the new theme will take over the game. At the same time, a new set of comic strips are also scheduled to come out once the Battle Pass is released.

Battle Pass


The Battle Pass for Season 5 of COD Mobile was revealed by Activision ahead of time. Fan-favorite Operator Roze is coming back to the game as a Battle Pass skin. Along with her, players will also get Operator skins for Rorke, Merrick and Otter.

As always, there are several free rewards for players, but it's best to purchase the Battle Pass to get all the unique cosmetics.

Players will also get to unlock the K9 Unit Operator skill at level 14 in the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass will cost as usual, but players can always purchase the levels with 560 CP to get all 50 tiers at once.

The other cosmetic rewards from the Season 5 Battle Pass are as follows.

  • Calling Card - Wet Works
  • Karambit - Black Axe
  • Frame - Dark Freeze
  • Avatar - Ghosts

Patch Notes

The official Patch Notes for COD Mobile Season 5 will go live on June 28th. We will update this section accordingly.



Leaks have been running rampant throughout social media in the weeks building up to the official release of COD Mobile Season 5. According to popular data miners, a new weapon is coming to the game. Along with that, three different maps from Modern Warfare are on their way.

Similarly, the much anticipated Rewind class in BR will also be added to the game in Season 5.

If that isn't enough to convince you, then imagine getting a Legendary Ghost outfit in-game.

Yes, the next Legendary character coming to COD Mobile is none other than Simon "Ghost" Riley. He is undoubtedly the most popular Call Of Duty character across all the titles. His imminent arrival will mark the third legendary outfit in-game after Dark Nikto and Forged Steel Mace.

New Weapons


While the Warzone health system might take a while to come to the global version, Activision has made sure that players get to use guns from Modern Warfare. The developers recently posted a Tweet that featured the two new weapons coming to COD Mobile Season 5.

The CR-56 Amax is one of the fan-favorite weapons in Warzone. Speaking from personal experience, this new AR will change the weapons meta in COD Mobile Season 5.

The other weapon teased in the social media post is the S725 Shotgun from Modern Warfare.

Players can acquire the new CR-56 Amax as a free reward by ranking up their Battle Pass to level 21. As for the S725, players can unlock it by completing the seasonal or featured challenge, whenever it is released.

New Weapon skins

The new weapon skins coming to the game in Season 5 are as follows:

  • BK57 - Counter Stealth Unit
  • QXR - Close Catch
  • DR-H - Rebreather
  • PP-19 Bizon - Devilfish
  • CR-56 Amax - Torpedo

Players can also expect that Activision will add numerous other bundles and crates with unique weapon skins in COD Mobile Season 5.

Data miners have reported that a new Legendary variant will be added for Type 25 in COD Mobile Season 5. It will be known as Type 25 - Magnetic Engine.

According to leaks, the Red Action series skins will be coming to COD Mobile Chinese version. This will feature gun skins for weapons like AS Val, Chopper and Man-O-War. However, there is no official confirmation whether the Red Action series will also feature in the global version of COD Mobile.

New Operators

The new Operators coming to the game are Rorke, Otter and Meric. Call Of Duty fans may remember Rorke as the main antagonist from COD: Ghosts.


Similarly, Otter Backstroke is another character from COD Modern Warfare coming in Season 5.

Players might also remember Thomas Merrick who was a supporting character in COD: Ghosts.

As for Roze, she was already introduced previously as a bundle in COD Mobile. This new skin from the Battle Pass will only add to her outfit collection.

Simon "Ghost" Riley will also make his much-anticipated return to the COD Mobile franchise after being brutally killed in a previous season. While he was assumed dead, a faction from the COD: Ghosts franchise kept him alive. Only Adler knew about Ghost surviving his ordeal with the Templar.

Recent leaks suggest that Ghost will return to the game in Season 5 as a purchasable Legendary character.

New Skills

Two new skills are coming to COD Mobile Season 5. The first one is Gung-Ho and it will be for Multiplayer mode. Players who equip this new green perk will be able to throw grenades, Hip-fire and reload their gun while sprinting. This will change how players use perk combinations to get maximum efficiency in-game.

Similarly, a new BR Operator class is coming to the game and it's known as Rewind.

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New Maps

As stated earlier, three new maps are coming to the game from COD Modern Warfare. Suldal Harbor, Aniyah Incursion and Docks - these three will be added to the Multiplayer mode in COD Mobile Season 5.


The Suldal Harbor will feature classic 5v5 and 10v10 matches. Aniyah Incursion will feature 10v10, new ground mission mode, and attack of the undead.

It will be interesting to see the introduction of Docks in COD Mobile, as this map is quite popular in Modern Warfare. Players will need to devise their strategies before it releases, as this might become the next best map in the game.

There is also speculation that the fan-favorite Alcatraz map will return to Battle Royale mode. This is undoubtedly one of the best maps in the game and it captures the essence of the Rebirth Island from Warzone.