COD Mobile Season 5: Time Travel In Battle Royale With The New Rewind Operator Class

Activision recently teased a new Operator class for COD Mobile Battle Royale, and it focuses on time travel.

The developers uploaded a teaser for COD Mobile Season 5: In Deep Water. At the same time, they revealed how the new Rewind Class works in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode.
Although there is no news about Warzone mechanics coming to the game, Activision is making immense changes in COD Mobile.

If you're looking to experiment with this new Operator class in COD Mobile Battle Royale, then we have you covered. This article will focus on everything you need to know about the Rewind class coming to COD Mobile Season 5.

Release Date

COD Mobile Season 5 will go live on June 28th, 2021. Players can expect that Activision will add seasonal or featured challenges through which they can acquire the Rewind Operator class.


Every Operator Class in BR has two distinct abilities, one of them is the primary ability which recharges after use. The other one is the upgraded ability which players can unlock from the Class Upgrade terminals located on the map.

The Rewind Class will have the following abilities in COD Mobile BR:

  • Primary - Glitch: Allows players to teleport to a location from 5 seconds prior. HP and movement speed will be reset.
  • Upgrade - Tactical Mask: Reduces the impact of flashbang and concussion by 40-60%.

Time Travel

The aspect of time travelling was heavily related to this new Operator Class, but it is not the exact definition. The Rewind class cannot go forward in time, only backwards. Thus, a player has to clear his prior surroundings before hitting rewind.
Similarly, using the Rewind class out in the open is not advisable as the enemy can still see the player. This ability should ideally be used in a situation where the enemy cannot reach your original position.
Effectively, rushing towards the enemy to make them peek out of their cover is a good strategy with the Rewind class. Players need to make sure that their HP is full before they start rushing. This will work as a tank/recon for teammates as they can shoot at the enemy when the Rewind Operator is faking a rush.
It will be interesting to see how pro players and teams use this new class in COD Mobile Season 5.


From what we have seen in the videos, the gameplay looks quite different from every other Operator class in COD Mobile. For instance, teleporting from one spot to another will force opponents to change their crosshair and re-aim. This will be critical during gunfights, and will definitely give the user an edge in combat.

Simultaneously, the Rewind class will have an edge over other Operator classes like Defender. The Tactical Mask ability will reduce the flash effect and allow players to peek early in gunfights.

Players can also team up with friends and come up with unique plays with the Rewind class. One example would be to team up with a Trickster and rush towards opponents to gather information.

The possibilities are endless, and we will come up with more insight and gameplay once the Operator class is released in-game.

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