Arena of Valor Publisher Launches F2P Anime Strategy Game Alchemy Stars

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Ahead of the servers going live tomorrow, Alchemy Stars is now available to download across iOS and Android. Installing the game to your chosen device right now won't allow you to play the game early, but you'll be all set and ready to go once the servers activate on June 17.

What is Alchemy Stars?

Art detailing the characters of Alchemy Stars.

Alchemy Stars is a "revolutionary RPG that pushes the genre to new heights of strategy." says publisher Proxima Beta.

The group, which is part of gaming giant Tencent, is known for handling the day-to-day operations of massive mobile games like Arena of Valor, Speed Drifters, Chess Rush, and PUBG Mobile.

Across its story about "chasing the light" after reemerging into a decimated world 17 years later, you create and command a team from 80+ characters and partake in turn-based strategy battles to reach the edge of the universe. Elemental attributes are key to your success in a battle system that RPG fans will recognize from games like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics.

The title itself is developed by Tour Dog Studio. It promises "breathtaking art style and graphics, word-class voiceover talents, and unique characters bursting with personality."

Known under various names like White Night Glow or White Night Polaris elsewhere, the game is launching in the West as Alchemy Stars at the same time it'll launch in Korea under its other name.

All Alchemy Stars Pre-Registration Rewards

Since going up for pre-order, Alchemy Stars has amassed over 1 million pre-registrations. As is the case with most mobile games, that means players will be able to grab a bunch of celebratory freebies shortly after launch. Here's a list of what to expect:

  • 11,500 Nighium
  • Star Flare (x2)
  • Anonymous Gift I (x5)
  • Anonymous Gift II (x5)
  • 600 Lumamber
  • Special Furniture
  • Special Avatar

How to Download Alchemy Stars


The method of how to download Alchemy Stars should just be a matter of searching for on Google Play or the Apple App Store. From there, it should download and be ready to play when the servers open on June 17. The game's social media channels have issued a step-by-step guide (above) for those who get stuck.