A New Call of Duty Mobile Game Has Been Confirmed, But There's No Guarantee It's Warzone

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Just days after a LinkedIn post further hinted at a potential second Call of Duty Mobile title, a job listing on publisher Activision's own website has seemingly confirmed that a new Call of Duty mobile game is in at least the early stages of development.

According to CharlieINTEL the house of Call of Duty is hiring for a major position at the now-confirmed Activision Mobile, an in-house development studio "dedicated to developing the best AAA mobile games in the world."

A job listing confirming that Activision is in the process of developing a new Call of Duty mobile game.

Though the studio name suggests Activision's next mobile title could be just about anything from existing IP to something new and wholly unique, the aforementioned job listing, which is for a Producer, specifically mentions that the team's "first project is a new AAA mobile title in the Call of Duty franchise..." going so far as to title each section of the listing like a military briefing.

Even with a new Call of Duty Mobile title seemingly confirmed, the scope of the game is still shrouded in mystery. Call of Duty: Mobile, developed by Tencent's TiMi Studios and published by Activision Publishing Inc, is still relatively new on the market. With yearly Call of Duty titles known to basically cannibalizing the last, it's strange to think that Activision would write off the progress of its partner's game so soon.

Rumors have circulated about the publisher looking to port a version of its standalone Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale game to mobile for some time now. Although we now know they're working on something related to the Call of Duty franchise, we're no closer to confirming or debunking that particular piece of speculation from this job listing alone.

Call of Duty: Mobile currently has a Battle Royale mode of its own, but there's still reason to believe Activision would prefer something it can more easily tie in with the PC and console versions of the live service game similar to how Fortnite handles in-game events across multiple platforms.