Tower of God tier list (March 2023) - Best characters in ToG global

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Yuri Ha in the Tower of God mobile game.
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March 25, 2023: XiaXia arrives in our Tower of God tier list.

Uncontent starting a new gacha game without knowing the best characters available? Our Tower of God tier list exists for that reason and that reason only. Pulling for only the best summons in a game like this can save you a lot of time and money, so it makes sense to pay close attention to the top-ranking units around for the launch of ToG Global.


So, if you're looking to make a solid dent in the game's main story, it almost literally pays to keep the Tower of God tier list. Keeping the best characters in mind will help you budget summon tickets and premium currency so that you're only spending hard-earned goods on the banners that matter. If one features a low-tier character, it's not worth the effort. Unless you just like the character, of course.

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Tower of God tier list (March 2023) - ToG Global

Tier Characters
SGreen April Anaak, Khun Ran, Yihwa Yeo, Sachi Kaer, Verdi, Yuri Ha
AEndorsi, Hatz, Horyang, Miseng, Khun A. A., Lo Po Bia Ren, Jinsung Ha, XiaXia
BRachel, Wangnan Ja, Laure
CLove, Novick, Quant Blitz, Shubisu, Varagav, Mini Rak, Boro

The current Tower of God tier list is more of a placeholder than a solid reference right now. It's a little too early into the launch of the game to properly judge every character, and the slight banner differences between the global, Korean, and Japanese releases complicate matters.


For now, tier S includes only Legendary characters, but we fully expect a few epics to move up, and a few legendaries to move down once we've accounted for late-game creep and fall off. The A tier features Legendary characters and a few Epics, with subsequent tiers splitting the remaining Epic pool.

We suggest checking back over the course of launch week to get a better idea of which characters to pull for, which to upgrade, and which ones to avoid.

How does Tower of God banner pity work?

  • Guaranteed Epic or Legendary character/weapon every ten pulls
  • Guaranteed Legendary character or weapon every 90 pulls after the last Legendary.
  • In featured banners only, a 50% chance for a Legendary summon to be the featured character or the next one will be.
  • Other that the additional system above, the same pity system applies to featured banners

Tower of God uses a pity system to guarantee a specific character drop after a certain number of pulls, which means pulling 10 times in a row versus single pulling doesn't make a difference - just pull when you can.

As for how it works, you'll get anything of Epic or Legendary rarity on every tenth pull. That can be a character or a weapon. After 90 pulls on the same banner, you're guaranteed to get a Legendary character or weapon.

On a featured banner, this changes ever so slightly. The thresholds remain the same, but if a legendary summon isn't the featured character, it's guaranteed to be that one the next time you pull a legendary.


What are the Tower of God character rarities?

At present, Tower of God only has Legendary and Epic characters, with any rarity below reserves for equipment and weapons. That means any ten-pull summon will include far more weapons than characters, so don't be alarmed if you were expecting a stack of duplicate characters.

In a way Tower of God uses a banner system popularised by Genshin Impact. It's not unusual to pull ten times and not get a single character. For a better explanation, refer to the pity details above.

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