Tower of Fantasy Monocross Horse - how to get the Monocross mount

Tower of Fantasy Monocross mount

Tower of Fantasy Monocross mount

If you're struggling to figure out how to get the Tower of Fantasy Monocross mount, you're certainly not alone. Tower of Fantasy has a wide variety of wonderful mounts available, including a floating cube, motorbikes, and a robot horse, and it's the last one that's probably one of the hardest to find right now.

Hotta Studio's brand spanking new RPG is almost here, and it promises many adventures, with futuristic weapons to equip, and interesting characters to meet. Explore the planet of Aida and unravel the mysteries that lie within.

To prepare for launch, we've got a Tower of Fantasy tier list of the characters and a ToF codes page to match, earning you some freebies if you're quick to the redemption. And if you're looking for more rides, check out our Tower of Fantasy mounts guide for the lot.

How to get the Tower of Fantasy Monocross mount

The Monocross mount, the robotic horse, can be a total headscratcher for players to find.

It comes in four different parts, which are spread across the map. The heart, or core item, is found in a hidden quest line, too. Not to worry - we're here to tell you exactly how to get the Monocross.

How to get the Monocross heart

Let's start with the heart. This is a reward for finishing a hidden quest line, which doesn't have a specific beginning marker. Follow these steps to get the item.

  • To begin, go to any cooking pot, and make a Fiddlehead Pie. The recipe is two Fiddleheads, and two Brown Rice.
  • Head to a spot near the Miner's Camp, and find a forcefield with crystals surrounding it. Smash the crystals to the left of the forcefield, and you should get the Strange Residue item.
  • Next, head to Goldrush Mountain, where an NPC called Stoker is waiting in his house. You'll need to give him the Fiddlehead Pie, and he'll give you the Ore Extract.
  • While you're in his house, check his diary and note down the following numbers: 3, 1, 2.
  • Head back outside to Goldrush Mountain, and locate the three Energy Conversion Devices.
  • You need to set them in the correct order:
    • Right device: 3
    • Middle device: 1
    • Left device: 2
  • This will grant you another Ore Extract.

There you go - you have the pieces to make the heart component!

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How to get the Monocross head

The head item is found as a rare drop from the Devotee mini-bosses. Now, when we say a rare drop, we mean rare. It took one player over 200 tries to get the head as a drop.

With that said, here is where you can find the two bosses on the map:

Devotee boss locations in Tower of Fantasy
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How to get the Monocross body

The body of the horse is located inside a base off the coast of Northern Warren. The exact coordinates are 664, -1236. You'll need a passcode to get in, which is 7092.

The item itself is in a glowing supply pod, but you'll need to sneak past or fight quite a few enemies to get to it.

How to get the Monocross legs

Last but not least are the legs. These are in a supply pod in Cental Warren, located around 938, -402. The pod is found on top of a water tower-shaped structure, which is surrounded by enemies. Fight them off and climb up to claim the legs.

How to make the Tower of Fantasy Monocross mount

Now that you have all four components of the Monocross Mount, it's as simple as opening up the mounts menu, clicking the Monocross option, and hitting the button to create your steed. You can then upgrade it too, if you have the parts.

While we're into Tower of Fantasy, check out our character guides for a look into how they work: we have Shiro build, Zero build, Samir build, and a Meryl build as well.

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