Pokemon GO Noibat Community Day - Date, max CP, shiny odds, and best moves

Noibat and Noivern from Pokemon.

Noibat and Noivern from Pokemon.

The second Pokemon GO Community Day of 2023 features Noibat, the Sound Wave Pokemon, and we've got an all-encompassing Noibat Community Day guide for you down below. If you're looking to catch hundreds of the things, you might as well know the best way to use them.

For information from the February 2023 Community Day date to the shiny potential of this particular Pokemon, read on. Being a Dragon-type creature, it's always going to be worth training up to deal with other Dragon-type Pokemon in raids, with its high raw stats helping in PvP, too.

For more Pokemon GO, check out the latest Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff counters. These three Team GO Rocket leaders will light the path to their boss, where you'll need the best Giovanni counters to snag a rare Shadow legendary Pokemon. Noivern can help.

Pokemon GO February Community Day dates - When is Noibat Community Day?

The Noibat Community Day kicks off in Pokemon GO on February 5, 2023. Like previous events, it'll start at 2pm local time and end at 5pm local time.

You're free to evolve your Noibat into Noivern up until 10pm that day to get its Community Day move.

The Pokemon GO Noibat Communtiy Day banner.
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What are the February Community Day bonuses?

Throughout the Noibat Community Day event, everyone will benefit from bonuses like extra Stardust and Candy for catching any Pokemon. Here's the list:

  • 3× Stardust for catching Pokémon.
  • 2× Candy for catching Pokémon.
  • 2× chance for Trainers level 31 and up to receive Candy XL from catching Pokemon.
  • Three-houre Lure Modules.
  • Three-hour Incense.
  • Snapshot surprises
  • One additional Special Trade.
  • Half-price trades from 2-10pm.

You'll be able to spawn more Noibat after the event ends at 5pm by defeating the Noibat raids. Event-themed stickers will be available in the shop, Pokestops, and gifts.

What is the Noibat max IV CP?

  • Normal weather: 571 CP
  • Weather boost: 619 CP

Assuming you're a high enough level to see maxed out Pokemon in the wild, spotting a 571 CP Noibat means you've found a Max IV Pokemon. If the weather is favourable, you'll want to look for a 619 CP Noibat.

Can Noibat be shiny? - Community Day shiny odds

Yes, like any other Community Day event, the featured Pokemon (Noibat) can be found shiny in the wild or in the raids that come after.

The odds of finding a shiny Noibat after completing a raid will stay the same as the boosted rate featured during the Community Day hours, too. It's around four percent.

What is the Pokemon Go Noibat Community Day move?

Any Noibat evolved into Noivern from 2-10pm on February 5, 2023 will automatically learn the charged attack Boomburst. It's a Normal-type move with 150 power in trainer battles and 140 power in gyms and raids.

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