Pokemon GO Celesteela counter chart and weakness

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Image of Celesteela in Pokémon GO.
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Want to know the best Pokemon GO Celesteela counter? This Steel-type Pokémon is one of the latest Ultra Beasts to arrive in the hit mobile game, of course coming to raid battles first. If you want any chance of getting it, you'll need to know its moveset, weaknesses, and the best counters to whittle down its HP and truly catch them all.

In this Pokemon GO guide, we'll break down the best Celesteela weaknesses, as well as its ideal type counters and proposed moveset. With all that information, you should be able to complete the raid battle with relative ease, leaving you to catch it using your Pokéballs!


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Pokemon GO Celesteela counter chart - what are the best counters?

Pokémon Fast move Charged move
DarmanitanFire FangOverheat
MoltresFire SpinOverheat
BlazikenFire SpinBlast Burn
ElectivireThunder ShockWild Charge
CharizardFire SpinBlast Burn
LuxraySparkWild Charge

There are some Pokemon that simply tower above the rest when it comes to battling Celesteela. We've listed a few of them above, alongside the best moves to pick for maximum damage.


It won't come as any surprise, but there are a whole lot of Fire-type Pokémon in our choices. The best moves overall are Fire Spin and Wild Charge. Even if you don't use our choices, ensuring as many Pokémon in your roster as possible have those moves lined up.

Pokémon GO Celesteela weakness - What is Celesteela weak to?

As a Steel and Flying-type Pokémon, there are a fair few counters you can pick in Celesteela raids. Its type leaves it open to several strong super-effective moves, so look no further than these types to exploit Celesteela's weakness.

The main types to try and use are Electric and Fire. Both provide double damage boosts due to their super effectiveness, so will make whittling down Celesteela's HP that bit easier. Of course, using a Fire or Electric-type Pokemon will boost damage further. Pair that with weather that suits the attacking Pokemon and you're looking at a good attempt.


In terms of types to avoid, definitely don't go for Bug, Grass, or Poison Pokémon. They're all resisted by Celesteela's typing, so the chances are you won't defeat the raid boss in time.

Image of the Pokémon Celesteela blasting into space

Can Celesteela be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Sadly, a Celesteela shiny isn't available in Pokemon GO just yet. They exist in the main games, but Niantic isn't offering the alternative in this first run.


It's a shame, but most new Pokémon GO raid bosses don't usually get a shiny until their second appearance in raids. As such, there could still be a while to wait.

What moves does Celesteela use in Pokemon GO?

Fast moves Charged moves
Air SlashHeavy Slam
Smack DownHeavy Slam
Air SlashIron Head
Smack DownBulldoze
Air SlashBulldoze

Fortunately, we do know what to expect from Celesteela's moveset during raid battles. This will help you know what's coming, and allow you to plan your counters accordingly.


That's it for our Pokemon GO Celesteela raid guide! From the moves you'll want to employ to the best Pokémon to provide type counters, you should be able to tackle this new Pokémon as soon as it lands in the game. While you wait for that, feel free to grab any and all active Pokémon GO codes!