Match Masters free daily gifts links (June 2, 2023) - Free spins and coins

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June 2, 2023: We've added the Match Masters gifts for today.

Looking to score some in-game goodies with barely any effort. The latest Match Masters free daily gifts are here for you. Like other socially-entwined coin games, Match Masters uses unique links posted each and every day to get the biggest fans rolling in more coins, spins, and a bunch more in-game items. We'll also answer any burning (or otherwise common) questions you may have about the game and the links below that. Let's go.

Match Masters free daily gifts (June 2, 2023)

Match Masters free daily gifts FAQ

How do I use free gift links in Match Masters?

Click the links above on the same device Master Masters is installed to and the game should open and claim the gift automatically. If not, go into your device settings to make sure your web browser is allowed to redirect to apps.

What do Match Masters free gifts do?

As soon as you click a free gift link for Match Masters, your account is credited with the rewards. These are usually free spins, but some links can give lots of coins, too.

How do I get more Match Masters spins?

Spins in Match Masters regenerate over time, but you can get more just by landing on the right icon when spinning. Collection rewards and various other in-game tasks award spins, too, but getting free spins from links can speed the whole process along.


Where do you get your Match Masters links?

All the links you see above come straight from the game's official Facebook page. You're free to get them there yourself, but they're often hidden in lengthy posts. The list above makes things much easier.

When will we get more Match Masters links?

More often than not, the developers drop one Match Masters link each day on the game's social media channels.

Why did someone else get more spins and coins than me?

The rewards from Match Master free gifts are relative to your progress in the game. The further you get, the bigger the rewards from links will be. To a point. They'll eventually start to feel small compared to the rewards you get by playing, but they'll help a lot early on.

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