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Marvel Snap - How to get new cards

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A match in progress in Marvel Snap

As in most modern card games, the critical part of Marvel Snap is unlocking new cards. It is easier to win when you have an extensive card collection and can create the best decks using them. Moreover, you can change current top decks and make them better if you have a lot of cards.

The main problem lies in obtaining new cards. Read this guide, and you will find out how to get new cards in Marvel Snap. You'll build up a fearsome collection in no time, ready to win battles!

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What are the best ways to get new cards in Marvel Snap?

After completing the Marvel Snap tutorial, you'll get the starter deck and a Sentinel. That's a total of 13 cards from the start. Most likely, you will never use most of these cards, given they aren't the most powerful.

In most cases, obtaining new cards in Marvel Snap differs from other card games. So, continue reading to find out how to get cards in Marvel Snap.

Increase your collection level

The collection level is the most critical aspect of getting new cards. You can see a number in the green button below your profile avatar on the game's main screen. This number is your collection level rank. Also, you can view your progress and further rewards by tapping on that button. Once you reach a new level on your collection, you'll get extra cards.

The only way to increase your collection level in Marvel Snap is to upgrade the cards you already have. Unfortunately, increasing the level of your cards will not improve their characteristics, since it is only a visual effect. Improved cards have unique animations and beautiful effects on the corners. But before upgrading cards, remember that it is expensive and requires a lot of time.

A Captain Marvel card atop a pile in Marvel Snap
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Complete the season pass

Even though some players consider the season pass as pay-to-win, it can still come in handy. The fact is that you can get many rewards, even from the standard version of season pass. Moreover, you can get limited-time cards that are unique to each season.

Purchasing the premium version of the season pass gives you a special card at level 20. The season one card is Blue Marvel, which is a powerful card that gives your other cards +1 power. Blue Marvel is used in various powerful decks, so it makes sense to check the season pass out.

Buy cards in the shop

Purchasing cards in the shop using gold and other currencies is the best way to expand your collection in Marvel Snap. Moreover, it is entirely free to play if you go down this route. The more time you spend in Marvel Snap, the more cards you will be able to purchase in the shop.

The only disadvantage is that by using gold, you can buy only cards you already own a version of. If you're ready to spend real money, you can purchase various limited new cards. The store is refreshed daily, so you can wait until the best card appears for sale before diving in.

Even though getting cards in Marvel Snap is different than in other card strategy games, there are various options on how you can obtain new cards. If you've got a favourite Marvel hero, all you need to do is follow our tips, and you should be able to buy it them in no time.

That's it for our look at how to get new cards in Marvel Snap! While you're here, feel free to also check out how Marvel Snap gold works, as well as our Wild Rift tier list.

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