Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 guide - Best team comps and boss strategy

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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 is extremely difficult to beat, even for players who have strong units. You need to have an understanding of Kafka’s mechanics and time your abilities right to beat her easily.

But we have a strategy that uses the Path of Abundance to trivialise all of the Elite and boss fights World 5 has to offer. You will be able to survive Kafka’s Domination effect and also keep her damage bonus stacks in check with our guide.

Best characters in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5

Unlike our other Simulated Universe guides, we will not be recommending any elements for World 5. You can essentially bring your tankiest units, and you will beat the stage with our Path of Abundance strategy. Make sure you have enough healing and you should be good to go!


Some of the enemies have Physical Weakness, and Clara is your best option if you want to tank powerful foes with minimal healing. She has a lot of self-sustain and can draw aggro from all enemies.


Sushang is the second best option after Clara if you want to bring some Physical damage. Sushang is quite powerful and she requires minimal buffs to be viable. She can be quite squishy, so make sure you level her enough to tank powerful hits from enemies.


If you want an easier experience versus Kafka, Welt can slow her down and help you stall until you get your important Skills and Ultimates up. His imaginary damage can also be viable against some of the enemies in World 5 that have Imaginary Weaknesses.


Since we will be using the Path of Abundance, having healers is much better than shielders. You could always bring multiple defensive supports but you must have at least one healer to keep your health topped off. Natasha is a great choice!


Bailu is the best healer in the game currently, but unlike Natasha she does not have a way to cleanse allies. If you have a different unit that can cleanse your debuffed allies, Bailu is a great pick. If you don’t have a cleanse effect in the party, Natasha is the more viable option against Kafka.

Best teams in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5

These are the best teams to use if you want to beat World 5.

Best F2P team - Fire Trailblazer, Natasha, Dan Heng, March 7th

This is a purely defensive setup with Dan Heng as the only DPS in the team. The goal is to survive as long as possible with the help of Fire Trailblazer’s shields, Natasha’s healing, and March 7th’s shields. Since there is no limit on how many turns you can spend in a fight, you can go for the slow and steady approach versus Kafka.

If you have Bailu, she is a solid replacement for any of your defensive supports. Bailu’s healing is a lot more potent than Natasha, but she cannot cleanse allies, which can be problematic against Kafka’s Dominate effects.

Best budget team - Welt, Dan Heng, Fire Trailblazer, Natasha

Welt is the only 5-star in this team, and she can help you slow down Kafka’s attacks and buy you more time. The goal of the Abundance strategy is to activate the Path Resonance as soon as Kafka debuffs your entire team and Welt is the perfect character to buy you time for it.

Fire Trailblazer and Natasha can offer defensive utility to the team, while Dan Heng acts as your primary damage source. You can swap Dan Heng out for a better DPS in case you have someone who can deal with massive amounts of single-target damage like Seele, Sushang, or Yanqing.

Best high-end team - Seele, Welt, Asta, Bailu

This is an unconventional but highly effective strategy against Kafka. If you combine Welt and Asta, you can get enough speed to completely bypass Kafka’s mechanics for a few turns. Speed and Slow are both powerful effects that you should use to your advantage.

Bailu offers defensive utility in this team, while Welt and Asta help Seele get extra turns and deal as much damage as possible in quick bursts. If you have a hard time surviving with this team comp, you can consider swapping Asta or Welt with defensive supports like Gepard or March 7th instead.


Best path in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5

Abundance is the only path you should consider when clearing World 5. It is much stronger than Preservation, and works with any kind of team as long as you have enough HP to tank Kafka’s Ultimate.

The goal of the Abundance strategy is to get as many Blessings of Abundance as possible and get multiple Resonance buffs. You want to ignore every single buff from other paths and focus only on getting Abundance buffs that boost your healing and survivability.

Once you start getting Resonances, you want to pick the one that cleanses all debuffs along with the Resonance effect to the action stack. This will allow you to have one instance of healing that is triggered automatically as you progress through a fight, as well as a manual trigger Resonance, which you can use to heal your allies to full and remove Kafka’s Domination debuffs.

You need a total of nine Blessings of Abundance to make this strategy work, which is pretty easy. You can always restart if you don’t get the right combination of Resonances. You will be able to completely ignore Kafka’s mechanics and even if you do not have high DPS, you will still be able to slowly chip away at her HP pool and beat her without worrying about dying.

That is all you need to know about beating Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe World 5. If you need some Stellar Jade to pull for your favourite characters we have a list of Honkai Star Rail codes and a guide to redeem Honkai Star Rail Twitch drops that you can check out. Also, consider checking out our Natasha build and Bailu build. You need to have strong healers in your party to take on World 5, and having Natasha or Bailu in your team can make life easier.

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