Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall - Everything you need to know

Honkai Star Rail cover art

Honkai Star Rail cover art

The Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall may confuse you at the very start but it's a great way to earn new rewards. It is just one of the many ways you can grind for extra items throughout the game. In this guide, we go over everything we know about the Forgotten Hall, as well as some general tips to get through.

Following up Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail is an innovative new free-to-play RPG with a focus on team composition and elemental attacks. It's a game that is easy to pick up but tough to fully learn.

What is the Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall?

The Forgotten Hall is an extra mode in Honkai Star Rail that tasks you with defeating stages full of enemies. You can then grab even more rewards by doing extra tasks and objectives. You have to set up a team before going in, with all the right equipment and consumables, and then take on the challenge.

It is supposed to test your technical ability to think ahead and strategise. For this reason, the best thing you can do to take them on is just to try them out.

How to unlock Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall

To unlock the Forgotten Hall, you first have to finish the Fleeting Lights quest. This pops up around Trailblaze level 20, where Pom-Pom will talk to you. You can then go to the Astral Express, where you can start the Forgotten Hall. You can pick the stage you start on, your team, objectives, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall rewards

The Forgotten Hall resets every now and then, allowing you to farm resources and earn more for your team. In there, you can grab credits, Aether, and much more. We will update here with a full list of everything you can earn once the reset happens again and we've gone over all of our resources.

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