Honkai Star Rail Blade build (April 2023) - Best light cones, relics, and abilities

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Blade in Honkai Star Rail.

Here's our Honkai Star Rail Blade build! Blade is a Wind damage dealer in Honkai Star Rail who deals extra damage based on the amount of HP lost. Building him can be tricky as a new player, as you need to maximise his offensive capabilities while also giving him enough HP to survive tough battles.

He is a character that is heavily reliant on Eidolons for his damage output. You'll also want to have well-built supports in your team to give him added defence, and healing to help him cycle his skills without dying.

The best Honkai Star Rail Blade build

Best Light Cone for Blade

If you enjoy Blade’s playstyle a lot, you should consider trying to grab at least one copy of The Unreachable Side. It is a tailor-made Light Cone designed just for him. Unfortunately, it is a five-star, and getting it can drain your Stellar Jade reserves.

The Unreachable Side

Increase HP by 16% and ATK by 16%. Damage when attacking is increased by 30%, and follow-up attacks by 40%.

If you do not want to pull on the Light Cone banner, consider using any Light Cone that enhances Blade’s offensive capabilities. Do note that The Unreachable Side is the only Light Cone that boosts his HP and damage, and it is essentially irreplaceable.

Best relics for Blade

Blade has very limited options when it comes to relics. There is only one relic set that focuses on Wind damage, and it is the Eagle of Twilight Line. Since it is not possible to farm five-star relics early in the game, consider using the four-star variant of the relic set until your Trailblazer level is high enough to farm five-star relic variants consistently.

Eagle of Twilight Line

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Increases Wind DMG by 10%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: After the wearer uses Ultimate, their action is Advanced Forward by 25%.

The set does everything that you could ever ask for. You get an incredible amount of energy restoration upon using your Ultimate, and the 2-Piece bonus also gives him a solid amount of Wind damage bonus.

When farming relics for Blade, we recommend going for the Wind Damage bonus, crit rate, crit damage, and HP. While HP might not be as important for other characters, you should try to maximise Blade’s HP as much as possible to increase his damage boost. You can sacrifice all of your attack stats and invest in HP instead.

What are Blade’s abilities?

Skill Description
Basic AttackDeals 50% of Blade’s ATK as Wind DMG to a target enemy.
SkillConsumes 30% of Blade’s Max HP to Immediately Advance action forward by 100%. In addition, DMG increases by 12%. and Basic ATK “Shard Sword is enhanced to” Forest of Swords for 3 turnis). Skill cannot be used while “Forest of Swords still active. If HP is insufficient after using Skill. Blade’s HP will be reduced to 1. This Skill cannot regenerate Energy.
UltimateDeals 28.8% of Blade’s ATK plus 72% of Max HP as Wind DMG to an enemy and adjacent targets. and 14.4% of Blade’s ATK plus 36% of Max HP as Wind DMG to adjacent targets. Additionally. sets Blade’s current HP to 50% of his Max HP.
TalentEvery time he takes DMG. Blade gains 1 Charge stack for 3 turn(s). stacking up to 5 times. When the maximum Charge stacks is reached. consume all Charges and immediately unleash a follow-up attack on all enemies. dealing 21% of Blade’s ATK plus 54% of the HP loss while stacking Charges as Wind DMG. Then, restore Blade’s HP by 30% of his Max HP.
TechniqueImmediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle. consumes 20% of Blade’s Max HP and deals 40% of Blade’s Max HP as Wind DMG to all enemies.

What are Blade’s Eidolons?

Eidolon Level Effect
Level 1During the battle, every time Blade’s HP goes lower than 50%, Max HP is increased by 20%. Stacks up to 2 time(s).
Level 2While Forest of Swords’ is active, if Blade’s HP is restored. his next attack’s DMG increases by 15%. This effect stacks up to 3 time(s).
Level 3Ultimate Lv. +3, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Level 4When using Ultimate, if Blade’s HP is above 50%, deals 100% of the HP loss caused by Ultimate to the enemy and adjacent targets as additional Wind DMG.
Level 5Skill Lv. +3, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Level 6When struck by a killing blow. instead of becoming incapacitated. Blade’s HP is reduced to 1 and his Talent is immediately triggered. This effect can only trigger 1 time every 3 turn(s).

We do not recommend going for Eidolons in Honkai Star Rai, ,unless you are looking to spend money on the game. If you are a free-to-play player, you should focus on obtaining characters from all elements and roles.

If you plan on investing in the game and intend to go for Eidolons, you can consider stopping at Eidolon 2. Blade gains the ability to deal bonus damage if he is healed, and it works incredibly well when paired with off-field supports that can heal active characters.


Blade is one of the most complicated characters to build in the game, and you need to plan your entire team around him. You cannot have too much healing in your party, as it will drop Blade’s damage output by a lot. But once you get a great build going, he can be very rewarding.

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