How to get BTS Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

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The seven BTS Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.
November 9, 2022: You have around two months to ge the BTS Cookies in Cookie Run. Check out the Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer guide to score some free Army Bombs to help.

Wondering how to get BTS Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom? You're going to need their unmistakable energy to manage it. Amassing hundreds of thousands of likes across the recent social media pushes, it's clear as day that the CRK BTS Cookies are going to be a hit. So how do you get them, and are they any good? Let's work it out.

Ahead of the BTS CRK release date, we've figured out nearly everything there is to know about the Cookie Run Kingdom BTS update. Down below, we'll go over how to get BTS cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, what they do, when the event ends, and a bunch more. It's an involved crossover with plenty to do.

For more on the popular mobile gacha rpg, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list. We'll be ranking the BTS cookies before long. Then, claim any Cookie Run: Kingdom codes before they expire. They won't really help you get more BTS cookies, but they'll help you get characters that pair well with the boys.

How do I get BTS Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

The BTS Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom are locked behind their own gacha banner - no surprise there. But how you get the currency needed for them differs as well.

Just like so many other limited-time banners in the game, you can't just use your usual gems to get BTS Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Instead, you need an exclusive currency called Army Bombs obtained through the event activity.

Like the CRK Disney banner from a few months back, the BTS banner gacha includes costumes and decor items as well as the BTS Cookies, so you won't be pulling from just them.

Duplicates will net you event-specific Mileage Points that you can use in the event shop to purchase anything you're missing, and event-exclusive cash shop bundles can help as well.

How to get Army Bombs in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
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How do I get more Army Bombs in Cookie Run Kingdom?

According to the in-game notice, the Army Bombs currency used in the Cookie Run: Kingdom BTS Cookie gacha can be obtained through the BTS Concert Rhythm Stage event, but you need at least one BTS Cookie to participate.

Split into Rhythm and Battle sections, you also need Concert Tickets to start the Rhythm stage. They recharge over time, but expect limited-time packs to include a few as well.

So, here's how it all works:

  1. Get a BTS Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom
  2. Unlock the BTS Concert Rhythem Stage event
  3. Spend a Concert Ticket to the play the Rhythm Stage event
  4. Earn Army Bombs
  5. Spend Army Bombs on the CRK BTS banner
  6. Repeat

You can use all seven BTS Cookies in a single run of the Rhythm Stage event, but you only need one. You'll get Army Bombs through the daily log-in rewards as well, so take that into account when you're budgeting your playtime.

Every BTS Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
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Which BTS members are in CRK?CRK BTS Cookies list

  • RM Cookie
  • Jin Cookie
  • SUGA Cookie
  • j-hope Cookie
  • Jimin Cookie
  • V Cookie
  • Jung Kook Cookie

All seven of the BTS members are in CRK for this event, so you don't have to worry about your favourite not being present.

BTS Cookie positions and skills in CRK.
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Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Cookie skills - Are the BTS Cookies good?

Though there are seven different BTS Cookies to collect during the CRK BTS event, they're not really seven totally different cookies.

Each BTS Cookie shares the same skill - ARMY's Wishes. Here's what it does.

  • ARMY's Wishes - Thanks to ARMY's sincerest wishes, the BTS Cookies are Safeguarded and invulnerable to enemy attacks. Use the skill for periodic healing and a buff providing immunity to Stun and increased Debuff Resist for the entire team. If an ally is suffering from a certain number of debuffs, the entire team will additionally receive an HP shield.
    • Safeguarded - Cookies with the Safeguarded ability cannot be attacked in battles nor can they be defeated.
      • As Cookies who are Safeguarded do not have an HP state, they will not be included in calculating the average HP in certain battle modes.
      • The survival of Cookies with the Safeguarded ability will not affect the result of the battle; if all Cookies other than the Cookie with Safeguarded have fallen, the battle will automatically end.
      • You can only place on Cookie With Safeguarded on your team.

As you can probably already tell, the BTS Cookies may sound like top-tier Cookies, but they can't actually make a meaningful impact in battle: at least in terms of damage.

The immortality aspect of the ARMY's Wishes skill only applies to BTS Cookies, but the rest of your team will get healing and Stun/Debuff resist and shields, which will prove useful in some select scenarios.

Simply put, these aren't top-tier Cookies and are purely meant as collector's items or souvenirs of the event. You won't be missing out on much if you don't get all of them, one of them, or any.

Can you promote BTS Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Although the BTS Cookies have their skills automatically rank up as they level up, you will need to promote them with Soulstones. That being said, the amount of Soulstones awarded for pulling duplicate Cookies will be increased for BTS Cookies.

Whereas it typically takes 270 Soulstones to take a Cookie to 5-star, it'll cost that much to upgrade the BTS Cookies to 5A-star instead. Here's how that looks when pulling duplicates:

  • Three-star Cookie dupe = Mileage Points equalling to the Cookie's Soulstones x20
  • Four-star Cookie dupe = 50 Soulstones for the Cookie (to promote them to 5-star)
  • Five-star Cookie dupe = 100 Soulstones for the Cookie (to promote them to 5A-star.

Simply put, it should be easier to promote the BTS Cookies than your standard ones, but with limited ways to get gacha currency, that's not entirely accurate.

How to get BTS Cookie Costumes

Because the BTS Cookie costumes aren't featured in the Rainbow Cube costume shop like other outfits, you won't be able to get them there.

Instead, BTS Cookie costumes come from the event-exclusive banner just like the Cookies themselves.

There are 23 costumes to unlock, so expect to need quite a few Army Bombs to get them all. Use mileage points to get any you're missing toward the end of the event before the excess currency is automatically converted.

What songs are in the BTS Cookie Run event?

When you're playing the BTS CRK Rhythm Event, you'll be able to fight to the tune of Dynamite / Permission to Dance - which they performed in the halls of the United Nations at one point. More songs will be available in subsequent seasons, but dates haven't been confirmed just yet.

What are the BTS CRK Decor themes?

  • We are Purple, We are Together!
  • The Tales of Bangtan Kingdom
  • BTS' Happy Kingdom Life

If you're looking to deck out your kingdom with BTS-branded items, the BTS CRK Decor items are available in the three different themes listed above. They're all available in the limited-time gacha and mileage shop, so you'll need a lot of Army Bombs to get them.

How to get a free Ancient or Legendary Cookie during the BTS CRK crossover event

Another boon of the BTS CRK event is that you don't even need to be a fan of the idol group to get something from it.

By taking part in the Kingdom Tour Stamp event, you can earn a free Legendary or Ancient Cookie of your choice just by collecting them all. And because the BTS Cookies are "Special" Cookies in terms of rarity, we know they won't be part of the list.

You get the Kingdom Tour Stamps through specific missions we'll know more about on the day.

When does the BTS Cookie Run Kingdom event end?

The BTS Cookies appear to be rolling over into the new year. Unlike the Disney event, which didn't last long at all, the BTS Cookies look to be sticking around for around three months total, with the gacha currently set to end on January 18, 2022.

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