Oddworld Soulstorm Rated For Xbox One And Xbox Series S/X By The ESRB

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Just a few months after it initially released on PS4 and PS5, Oddworld Soulstorm has now been rated for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X by the ESRB.

The rating, which was first spotted by Gematsu likely means that the game is on its way to Xbox sooner rather than later, with Sony likely only grabbing three or six months exclusivity on the title.


This is one of a number of PS4 and PS5 console exclusives that have recently been rated for Xbox, so it looks like owners have a lot to look forward to.

This is us speculating but Oddworld Soulstorm seems like a perfect fit for Xbox Game Pass, given its cult classic name. The game did also launch into PlayStation Plus back in April, as well.

With Mircosoft's E3 show next Sunday, we could also be in store for an announcement of the game coming to Xbox at the show.

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