No Man's Sky: Where to Get Whispering Eggs

Whispering Eggs can be tricky to find in No Man's Sky, and that's before you even start trying to collect them. As part of a new Expedition added to the game, many players are having to collect 16 Whispering Eggs in order to progress. Once you know where to look, getting to a planetary location where they're found is easy enough. We're going to show you how to find Whispering Eggs, and the best way to collect them without being killed by biological horrors.

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Whispering Eggs Location

Whispering Eggs are primarily found on the outside of Abandoned buildings. You'll also find them on airless planets occasionally, though this is much more random. The best way to get whispering Eggs is to visit a Cartographer.

The Cartographer in No Man's Sky, selling Emergency Data Maps
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Bring some Navigation Data with you, and purchase a specific type of map called Planetary Emergency Data. Head down to a planet and use it. This will mark a distress signal on your HUD. More often than not, these locations will be abandoned buildings. Whispering Eggs will be on the ground outside these areas.

Best Way to Get Whispering Eggs

Now that you've found some Whispering Eggs, you'll want to think carefully about how you want to collect them. You can use your Mining Beam to crack open the eggs, but doing so will awaken biological horrors all around you. These will kill you quickly unless you are heavily armed and shielded.

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Instead, Fly up onto the roof of the abandoned building. Aim at one or two eggs and fire, before quickly heading to pick them up by holding the interact button. You won't have much time, so move quickly, and then fly back up to the roof. Wait for the swarm to subside before repeating the process.

An abandoned Building is shown on the analysis visor in No Man's Sky
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You can shoot and kill biological horrors, but they will generally just respawn and surround the eggs. Move around the roof, checking for openings where only one or two enemies sit guarding the area. Kill them and quickly collect the eggs. As part of the Expedition 4 mission. You will need to collect 16. This will take time and patience. If you find yourself being swarmed, jetpack straight up and towards the building. They cannot reach you if you are on the roof.

It's also worth keeping your ship nearby, as this can act as an emergency safe shelter if you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies.

Larval Core Uses

Whispering Eggs contain Larval Cores, which can be collected. Larval Cores don't have many uses. they can be placed in the Nutrient Processor to cook with, or used with a Sample Containment to create a cosmetic item for your base. Generally, you will want to sell them, as they are worth around 70,000 units apiece.

That's all you need to know about finding Whispering Eggs in No Man's Sky. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on becoming an Overseer. Elsewhere there's our guide on Finding Portals in 2021.

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