No Man's Sky: What is the Station Override?

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If you explore the area behind the landing zone in any Space Station in No Man's Sky you will find a Station Override Terminal. This was added to the game recently, and there's been a fair bit of mystery surrounding it ever since. In this guide we'll take a look at what we know about the Station Override in No Man's Sky, and see if there's a way to get an override code currently.

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No Man's Sky: What is the Station Override?

The Station Override terminal can be found at the back of the landing pad in active Space Stations. You'll see a large machine, with a small set of stairs leading up to a screen. Interacting with it brings up the following options:

  • Input Override Code
  • Leave

The odd thing is, there is currently no use for this feature currently in No Man's Sky. You can add the item through a Save Editor on PC, but even then the terminal will not accept it. It's likely that this is a part of a future update like the upcoming Frontiers expansion. It could also be a reward for a future Expedition. There's very little information other than that, and exactly what overriding a station would mean for No Man's Sky remains a mystery.

Using the Station Override terminal in No Man's Sky
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That's all we know so far about the Station Override terminal. We'll be sure to update this guide with more info once it's released. Until then, visit our guide on getting a Free Freighter. You should also check out our guide on getting a Pet.