No Man's Sky: How to Get Silicate Powder

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Silicate Powder is an extremely useful resource used for building in No Man's Sky. You'll need it to fuel your Terrain Manipulator as well, so luckily it can be found pretty much anywhere as long as you are at planet level. In this guide we'll explain the best ways to get Silicate Powder in No Man's Sky. We'll also take a look at what it is used for, and give some tips on farming it as fast as possible.

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No Man's Sky: How to Get Silicate Powder

There's only really one viable way to get Silicate powder, and that's by using the Terrain manipulator. Just equip it and start blasting away at the ground, cliffs and any landmass. The Silicate Powder will be automatically added into your inventory. Try to do this away from any bases that you might have, as local terrain edit limits can mess up your buildings.

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How to Farm Silicate Powder as Fast as Possible

In its current state, No Man's Sky doesn't offer many options for farming Silicate Powder. The best way I've found is to crank up the size of your Terrain manipulator using the d-pad. You'll clear more this way. You can also dig down as far as you can go, then use the Flatten tool to move around, hoovering up the Silicate Powder that drops.

What Is Silicate Powder Used For?

Silicate Powder's primary use is for recharging your Terrain Manipulator. As of the Companions update, you will need Silicate Powder for concrete base parts. When starting up a Settlement, you may need to use 200 or so Silicate Powder to build certain structures. Keep some on you at all times, or store it in your Freighter or a nearby Storage Unit.

That's all you need to know about getting Silicate Powder in No Man's Sky. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on Expedition 3.